Left Behind Letter

Below is a left behind letter put together by a brother in Christ, Michael Langton. I included his email response to me as well because he has some awesome ideas on where to leave letters and on how to preserve them. As he says below, feel free to print and share.

God bless you !

Please feel free to change the name at the end of the letter to your own name (I just left my name there as an example).

You can leave copies of this letter with Bibles; you can even leave it by itself as it does contain the Gospel message; you can email it to friends/family before the Rapture; and you can post it on social media (e.g. Facebook). People might think you’re crazy, but even Jesus’ brothers thought he was crazy and mocked him (Mark 3:21 and John 7:5). It is a huge blessing to be considered crazy for Jesus.

After the resurrection, Jesus’ brothers were in the upper room worshiping Him as God – so they obviously changed their minds about Him being crazy! (Acts 1:14). And after the rapture, things will be different too.

Of course, God doesn’t need our help at all. He will save all He wants to save. But God wants to bless us, and is giving us this amazing opportunity to be blessed by Him.

We are not even worthy to be servants of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, but out of His amazing Grace and mercy He allows us this special privilege. Praise Jesus!

All honor and glory to Jesus!

By the way, most of this letter is made up of things I’ve heard from lots of different preachers or read in books (I don’t mean to take credit for other people’s wisdom or good explanations, etc.) – but as Christians I don’t think they would mind their thoughts/explanations being used in this letter.

Below is the letter. It may seem a little long (I think about 12 pages) – I did initially hope to keep it short – but there is so much to explain. In fact, if we consider that people in the tribulation may have 7 horrendous years to suffer, up to and including their own execution, maybe it is not enough.

If you can, please print out as many copies of this letter as you can.

If you can put them in water-proof zip-lock bags that would be great. We don’t know how long they will be waiting before they are found.

Finally, but most importantly of all, I’m sure you would agree that the most important thing is to PRAY over the letters.

1 Cor 3:7 Paul explains:

“So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.”

If God is not involved with our efforts, nothing we do will ever achieve anything.

1) Let’s humbly ask God to bless the letters we leave behind.

2) Let’s pray that the letters reach whoever God wants them to reach.

3) I pray that God applies the blood of Jesus to every single word and sentence in the letter, so that it will have God’s redeeming power throughout! Pray that God will use the letters to save people! For God’s glory!

4) Please also pray with all your heart that the people who are left behind after the rapture, who come to know and love Jesus, will have the grace to be able to stay faithful to Jesus through anything they have to suffer.

5) I also think we need to pray that God will hide the letters from the enemy so that the enemy will not find them and destroy the letters.

I recommend putting the letters in many places, including public parks, under park benches, and elsewhere, etc.

You could also leave one in your front hall – very visible – so people will see it as soon as they enter your home. And then you could also leave some copies of the letter hidden around your home (maybe in a hidden box). Maybe also in a First Aid Box, or in the fridge/freezer (people will be looking for food).

Ask God where He wants you to put them, and I believe He will give you some ideas.

The Letter

Here is the letter you can preview before you download


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