I’m Still Here…A Lil 411 And Mini Update

Nov 30, 2015 | CERN


Had a lil hack but it’s resolved now Yay! Also, I have been tied up with things going on in day to day life and the past Thanksgiving holiday however, things are still going on leading into the end of days and the coming Tribulation. Keep eyes on the on going news of the beginning stages of World War 3 and the events between Russia, Turkey, Syria etc. Also, CERN ramped up to 1PEV smashing lead particles. Check out Anthony Patch’s site here where he has the CERN schedule.  In the meantime here is a very interesting video on CERN and about time and how it relates to these times Biblically.  Enjoy and God’s blessing to you!

Anthony Patch 1PEV at CERN update:

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