Canaries In The Coal Mine

Oct 12, 2015 | End Times, Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 17, Israel

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I’m posting two great updates to listen to by John Haller…The first one is “Canaries in the Coal Mine” and the other is “Chessboard”….Two very timely updates that will help you discern the times we are living in now. I’m also including a bonus below them both that is most most excellent so be sure to check it out! {See also update added today 10/13/15}

Just one personal side note on the Canaries in the Coal Mine broadcast:
I do think to set CERN on the back burner because it won’t affect us who are saved is not a great strategy because we need to warn of these things…There will be people who will have to contend with these issues and anything we can forewarn about can help in leading people to Jesus for salvation…So, I do not agree with him in that we should not pay much attention to CERN…Worry constantly or be afraid and terrified about it? NO! But, warn those who may end up dealing with it or if we can help them avoid having to deal with it and lead people to salvation? YES absolutely! I believe we need to do this in all end times things…I think he is just trying to dispel fear because people are becoming fearful and I can understand where he is coming from. However, CERN is an end times issue that is very important and should not be ignored. That said…John Haller’s prophecy updates are excellent to follow and can help keep you up to date especially if you follow a blogger who doesn’t post more regularly and skips weeks like me…lol…To follow John you can find his updates at Fellowship Bible Chapel.

UPDATE 10/13/15:

Josh Peck makes the case…Excellent and extremely informative…Josh Peck has a way of helping people understand things that seem impossible to grasp on a more down to Earth level…CERN Is not to be ignored and should be talked about openly as well as making people aware of just how it can affect these End times! You can follow Josh Peck here at The Sharpening Report. Very interesting interviews and discussions at that link. Please also get his books…I have almost all of them and to reiterate, he really does have a knack for explaining things and helping people understand things that seem difficult and might cause a person to back away.

“Canaries in the Coal Mine”

There are warnings all around. Some obvious, others not. If you are in tune with God’s Word and staying focused on His plan, you will not be caught off guard by unexpected threats. Join John as he brings us updates from around the world along with a prophetic warning to be aware in this week’s update entitled “Canaries in the Coal Mine.”

This week, John looks at the Large Hadron Collider known as CERN, the Russian military movements into Syria, the death toll in the Hajj which could lead to war between Saudi Arabia and Iran due to the death of nearly 500 Iranian Muslims.

As if that weren’t enough, John exposes the DOJ’s endorsement of an international police force (including advancing the goals of Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda) including government warnings against “Far Right Extremism” (translated, “Christians”).

Finally, Rev. Jeremiah Wright reveals his true nature and that of our President in a clip recorded on October 10, 2015 on the National Mall during the 20th Anniversary of the “Million Man March.”

In days gone by, hard working Americans coal miners took canaries underground as an early detection system to the threat of carbon monoxide. For the Christian, our early detection system is found in the study of the Word of God, and a keen awareness of world events that are converging with an every increasing pace.


The Persians invented Chess…but the Russians mastered it. This week’s update by FBC’s John Haller looks at the shuffling of power in the Middle East and the potential impact on Israel, the recent attack in Oregon that singled out followers of Christ and yet another ACLU lawsuit that demands that a Catholic hospital provide abortive services.

What is Putin up to, and how will the power void and projection of weakness unmistakably signaled by the US President affect events worldwide? So many pieces on the board are in play and the end times scenario is playing out right on schedule, just as God predicted. All the pieces are falling into place. Who will make the next move?



AWESOMELY FANTASTIC! I love it when I hear just sound common sense…Apparently, it fell on deaf ears even back in the Donahue days because, all these new world order lovers just love communism and socialism and if you are a thinking person you just have to step back and ask yourself why?….Why do they love socialism/communism so so much??? History will tell you the answer if you just take a few minutes and look into it….Do it while you still can because one day your freedom to just look things up in the internet can be stripped away from you if we let it…Once they take the guns then, it makes it just that much more easier for them to take the rest of it. WAKE UP!


Also, in relation to this please check out my posts: Coming chaos by those who would have the New World Order…Time to make your choice as well as False Prophet Makes A New Encyclical. Shocker, It Pushes Global Government if you haven’t already because they go hand in hand with the above and the Canaries in the Coal mine update by John Haller as well….Have a good week and may the Lord watch over you all!


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