Is The True Superhero Going To Pluck Us Out In Time Before The Barreling Down On The World Tribulation In June???

May 16, 2020 | But That's Just Me, End Times, Feast days, Great American Eclipse, Pentecost, Pre Tribulation Rapture, Rapture, Revelation 12 Sign, Signs in the Sun Moon and Stars

*** Disclaimer added at the bottom ***

A dear sister in Christ shared this this six part series with me and I just had to share with you all as well! The series is from Dr. Barry Awe! He may just blow your mind! Dr. Barry is very energetic and if you are a low key quiet type I beg you to hang in there because he slows down a bit and gets to some awesome points with each part he does. Have some courtesy and love for your brother in Christ and understand that we ALL have different personalities. Clearly, he has a goofy sense of humor. There is NOTHING wrong with that. My Dad had one and my husband has one and it has brought such joy into my life that I thank the Lord for! Don’t be a joy sucker and allow a little silliness and fun in. Some are sadly being nasty but others are being wise as well. Some one commented under one of his videos: “I’m a very serious person & your sense of humor is a bit much for me, but I want to glean important information. So, I watch your sincere heart videos despite the silliness.” There are nuggets in his videos. You can move pass the singing to get to them if you desire. However, I bet you will laugh, chuckle and or smile because, you just can’t help yourself but, most of all, you will get super excited for the prospect of Pentecost! Will we be heading home in June? Will the Tribulation begin in September? Tune in to find out……


June RAPTURE DATE is set in the STARS (PART 1)


June RAPTURE DATE is set in the STARS (PART 2)


June RAPTURE DATE is set in the STARS (Part 3)


PART 4  {WOW, 8 mins in on this one}




PART 6 , PART 6.25 ,  PART 6.5




*** The Gospel In The Stars Post ***

*** Signs in the Sun, Moon and, Stars…SOON ***




I see that some are having some issues with Dr Barry Awe. Nothing major other than a few things here and there. I too have some issues here and there but none that would distract from the interesting things he has brought to the table of watching and waiting on our Lord. I have issues with being so dogmatic with a specific date. In my opinion, we need to have a “this looks like it could be a great day but wait and see” kind of attitude. I also have issues with him pointing to Mark Biltz because of the Noahide Laws issues (see the Mark Biltz issue HERE  and all of my Noahide Laws posts HERE) BUT, he may not even be aware of those issues so it does not take away from what he is saying. Biltz was one that introduced the Blood moons. Paul Grevas had the most awesome site on them in my opinion and unfortunately took it down but, I digress. Some are having issues with Dr. Barry’s take on the Trinity and I can not find which video that was in so I am not sure what it is exactly that he said about it.  I will say this, the Trinity is a hard concept to grasp and none of us have a solid understanding of it while we are on this Earthly plain. As long as you believe in the TRINITY is all God desires. As long as you believe in Father, Son, Holy Spirit being three in one. God simply did not go into full detail in his word. So, someone being confused about it or thinking it is one way does not really make one a heretic unless he is pushing that the Trinity is NOT three in one and that Jesus is not God. If he is doing that then he would be mistaken and hopefully someone would go to him in private to address the issue. If you are having problems with him then please do not listen or follow him. You have to heed what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do. I have not gotten any hits in my gut by the Holy Spirit myself. If I do I will remove this blog post. I think that we all have things we can offer but not all of us agree on all issues. As long as a person is not preaching another Gospel then we can glean from each other and build each other up as the day approaches. In these last hours before the rapture it seems that the divisions and attacks on one another are growing more intense. We should go to one another in private first to resolve an issue and if nothing is being corrected then take it public to the rest of the body. Today, some are just going public without trying to talk with a brother or sister in private to give them a chance to answer first. It’s heartbreaking to see. As noted above, if I feel led to remove this I will. Or, if anything new comes to my attention that truly shows deliberate discord on his part, I will remove it.



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