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May 8, 2018 | "Conspiracy", But That's Just Me, End Times, End Times Spiritualism/Religion, I Pet Goat 2, NWO


This is just of interest to me…Doesn’t mean it means anything at all but it is something to think about. May 8th is White Lotus Day, It is a day that is supposed to honor Helana Blavatsky. Her Lucifer worshiping religion is what is honored at the United Nations. They use her guidelines and Alice A Bailey’s as a guide to bring forth the false Messiah who will be the antichrist and who will rule the one world government or New World Order and one world religion. A very intriguing video called I Pet Goat 2 came out in 2012 by, what is so obviously an occult group, showing the bringing forth of the new world order along with their false messiah. In the classroom part of that video the girl drops and apple and it showcases a louts flower when it cracks open. Again, just things to ponder.


Know Your Enemy (Part 70 – The United Religions) Only 10 mins long


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Here is the I Pet Goat 2 video below. Just click the image. **WARNING, there are some graphic images in the video so don’t watch with children around** There are a ton and I mean a TON of break down videos on YouTube if you want to do a search on them to dig deeper.


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