No Man Knoweth The Day Or The Hour?

Aug 26, 2017 | But That's Just Me, End Times, Rapture, Revelation 12 Sign

OK, I wanted to post the new Robert Breaker video about “No Man Knoweth The Day Or The Hour” and I had seen that Daniel Matson made his own write up on the subject today and was going to share that below Robert’s video but THEN, I saw that Brad at Revelation 12 Daily put it all together already plus added bonus links galore and, since I don’t have an option to just re-blog his blog I copied and pasted it all for you below. All that ^^^^^ said, I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due and restate that Brad put it all together and it made it super easy for me to just copy it all. (Ha Ha). If you aren’t visiting HIS SITE daily as well as Unsealed please make sure you do so and add them to your book marks. Now on with the show:


Put together By Brad Hurst at Revelation 12 Daily:

As you probably know, it seems that we are in the season of the Lords return…that seems pretty clear to nearly everyone who is watching.  But what has been especially encouraging to me is that as these signs narrow in on a window of time that seems especially promising, we have been given more and more teaching showing us that we can know information about the timing of this event…. BIBLICAL TEACHING which strongly supports the idea that we will see the day approaching IF we are watching! How exciting is that?!!

Just today Robert Breaker and Daniel Matson added to the chorus of teaching showing us how the Bible clearly says we can know.  In the video below Robert Breaker gives a FANTASTIC overview and provides many Scriptural connections on this timely and controversial subject.  I LOVED this video and have a hunch that once you watch the first 5 minutes you will surely want to watch the whole thing!

If this wasn’t enough, Daniel Matson woke up this morning with this topic on his mind as well! In the article below, he provides great insights to the context of when the “Day or Hour” statement was uttered to the disciples. Then he contrasts that with verses from Revelation and the Epistles which were clearly intended for us…. multiple verses which seem to indicate we can know.

View Daniel’s article HERE… I find it amazing that these two teachings came out on the SAME DAY!


If you are still not convinced, here are a couple of other recent articles on this topic….

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Please share this information with anyone and everyone who says “we cannot know”. To me it seems to be increasingly clear that WE CAN. What remains to be seen is if the Revelation 12 Sign is indicating the time of the Rapture or not. That is another matter, but as you know there is plenty of evidence supporting that conclusion as well. EXCITING TIMES MY FRIENDS!!


I’m adding a BONUS Scottie Clarke Oldie but a goodie video below….Just click on the image to get to it 🙂


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