I just thought these videos were spectacularly done. I thoroughly enjoyed them and thought I might also share them with you guys as well. Now, you don’t have to agree with the timeline to enjoy how he put the videos together, from the scripture readings and the images to the music within them. It was almost like a movie. That said, I do find the timeline plausible as far as a spring/summer rapture and the point made about Moses on the mountain. I find it an interesting parallel that Moses could be showing up with Elijah as the two witnesses at that specific time again. On a side note, it reminds me of that dream/vision that Swedish boy had as well. I’ll include the links in the Relevant Links section below. I do not think anyone should be DOGMATIC about specific dates but have ZERO qualms with tossing them out as mere speculation to look at or a thinking out loud scenario. So, use your discernment on this. What we do know is that the rapture could happen at any time now. We also know that we are seeing the Antichrist Beast system being set in place and events around Israel building as well. Keep watching for Jesus! Again, you can watch this and get enjoyment from them without even focusing on a date or even agreeing with his calculations. Enjoy.


Prophetic Parallels – Rapture & Tribulation 2022


Prophetic Parallels – 1290 & 1335 Days – Rapture & Tribulation 2022-2029




I didn’t critique Dexter’s video above because, as I stated above, I mainly appreciated his artistic way of putting the videos together and enjoyed the Bible readings etc. so, I shared it mainly for those reasons. However, I realize some of these things do require a critiquing for some to avoid confusion. And, if you want to hear a critique, one of the best people to listen to is Bro. Chooch at TOL Endtimes because of his graciousness and love he shows for his brother’s and sisters in Christ. Not only that, he has done his own in depth studies on the feasts (see his Fruit map videos in this blog post).

But, perhaps his first coming fulfilled all the feasts (see this blog post about Jesus and the Menorah also scroll this one) and his second coming also fulfills all the feasts? His word is full of layers upon layers so perhaps the lighting of the Menorah is several fold as well? Also, what if the rapture is outside of these feasts and does not have to happen on one. What if it stands on its own? Just me thinking out loud because I, as well as others, can only speculate on these things at this point. Just something to think about.

Then there is also this of interest. Keep in mind the possible Pentecost Rapture: Shavuot – Revelation and the Fruit of the Spirit

So, all that said, here is Chooch’s critique for those who want to hear one.

Rapture Theories – Give The Fall Feasts Some Love! – Night Watch with Bro Chooch




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