The Fig Tree Fell…What Does That Mean For America And Israel?

Mar 11, 2019 | But That's Just Me, End Times, Israel


My friend Marty B. shared this story yesterday and his summation of what he saw in the symbolism or sign of it:

After more than 140 years, a massive fig tree gracing the plaza where Los Angeles was founded collapses

THIS is a HUGE End Times SIGN!!
On March 2, 2019, a 144 year old FIG TREE collapsed in Los Angeles!
What makes this SO significant is several things.

Israel is known to be referred to as the “FIG TREE”.

Los Angeles, literally means “The City of Angels”

Revelation 7 says that during the Tribulation Period, that there will be 144,000 Jews who will accept Christ as Messiah and will preach the Gospel….

This FIG TREE was 144 YEARS OLD!!!


I too agree and believe that this has a meaning that would be easily overlooked if you don’t use your spiritual eyes to see. You HAVE to watch the video below for some fascinating information. We are in the final minutes of the final days people! Let us WAKE UP! Be saved TODAY! Don’t put it off. Please!


Now, watch this video by Joanie Stahl….A MUST MUST MUST WATCH VIDEO!!!!!!!


How To Get To Heaven (click image or here)


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