The Image. The Mark. The Name. The Number.

Feb 24, 2021 | Antichrist, But That's Just Me, End Times, False Prophet, Mark of The Beast, NWO, One World Religion, Prophecy, The Rona, Tribulation

Image by: Paul Dawson

Image by: Paul Dawson

I just finished watching Paul Watchmen Dawson’s latest video and feel it is well worth the share. There is so much fear and deception about the vaccines that it really needs to be clarified. People are terrified that loved ones who got the vaccine will no longer be able to be saved and that simply is not true. This vaccine, as I stated in an earlier blog post, is not the mark of the beast YET. Right now this is just a conditioning tool. While it will not be very beneficial to the recipient, it will not stop them from being able to be saved this side of the Tribulation.

I agree with Paul in his presentation. Please listen to it fully and don’t jump to conclusions. He is not saying to go out and get the vaccine and he did not say that he was pro the vaccine. He simply stated why it is not the actual Mark of the Beast. He allude to what I believe which is that the vaccine is a conditioning tool at best. But, I also believe that it is a eugenics tool, see the video and the attached show note link below Paul’s video. I would argue that the vaccine is the means to bring about more human death, a goal of these fallen angel worshiping globalist elites. They would use the deaths to help these fallen beings and the Antichrist to promote the mark by saying it offers a better way to eternal health and life. With that intro here is Paul’s video:

The Image. The Mark. The Name. The Number.


Paul Watchman Dawson Facebook site


Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links (This will most likely be yanked off you-tube so visit the show notes for Corbett’s back up)


SHOW NOTES AND MP3 for; Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links




But wait, there’s more….


I forgot to add these. I watched this video from Hanes Ministry last night and then right afterwards a friend sent me the link of the 800 year old prophecy. I find it interesting that in the video above, at the 7 min 39 sec mark, the report hinted to the scam-demic ending by June and that Astra Zenca said it would. So, if these prophecies mean anything at all then we would have until June for war to start with Israel and all of this to start to unfold. Add to that the Parable of the Fig Tree timing and Purim etc etc {Passover / Purim High Watch Time}… It made me wonder what if? Maybe that war spoken of in the article would begin by March/April perhaps?? Maybe it starts during that time and drags out a bit before it leads into Gog Magog and we get raptured by Pentecost in the Summer time and then the final week of 7 years for Israel begins??? We can only wonder and watch but…BOY oh BOY what interesting times we live in!

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