The Red Button God Does Not Want Pushed!

Jun 13, 2018 | Antichrist, But That's Just Me, End Times, False Prophet, Israel, Jerusalem, Prophecy


This is a key, key, key 15minute video that fellow watchman Paul at REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM posted today! Please listen to it fully. Soon Jared Kushner will be presenting Trumps peace plan and all indications are the dividing of Jerusalem are on the table. Dividing Jerusalem is NOT a good idea and it will bring judgment. This needs to be taken into serious consideration! We need to add this to prayer and not shelve it because a favorite pastor or person says it is “fake news”. Paul provides links to back up his video and you can do your own homework to look it up. Don’t just take someone who can be as fallible as the rest of us and ignore it. Could this be the “peace plan” that, after war breaks out (Ezekiel 38) and God steps in to stop, the Antichrist will take false credit for and then confirm??? Time till tell. Please also see my past blog links that I will provide under the video that add to this news! Today’s news {Trump’s Mideast team to push peace plan in region} stated that the peace plan that was possibly to be revealed at the end of Ramadan this week may now be pushed back to August but keep watching from now onward!!








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