Timothy Alberino And The Unholy See

Aug 19, 2016 | "Conspiracy", End Times, Fallen Angel, Fringe, Giants, UFOlogy

When Timothy discusses certain technologies that are opening portals in the interview below you can bet it is CERN and D Wave he is alluding to. CERN definitely ties into these discoveries and unveiling of some secrets that Timothy Alberino and Steve Quayle reveal in this part two video series True Legends. Here is part one blogged about earlier: Must Hear Interview! Timothy Alberino And Attacking False Deceptions With True Legends. I have included a couple of interviews below and the first one with Josh Peck is fantastic as as usual. Timothy breaks it ALL down so simply that you can understand what is going on without confusion. (He also touches on the Pokemon phenomena as well) Another MUST hear!!


“Timothy Alberino joins Josh Peck to talk about his new documentary with Steve Quayle of GenSix Productions, True Legends: The Unholy See. Truth is truly stranger than fiction as Tim guides us through the hidden secrets of the Vatican, mysteries of ancient megalithic structures, high technology being kept under wraps, and much more! As can be seen in the timestamped topic list below, the world is full of mysteries and Timothy Alberino along with Steve Quayle are on a mission from God to uncover them. This is an episode you surely will not want to miss!”


Gary Stearman and Tim Alberino discuss True Legends 2

Steve Quayle‘s interview compilation:

All Roads Lead To Rome – The Unholy See Part 1 of 3

Part 2

Part 3

Steve Quayle’s Genesis 6 Giants site

Steve Quayle.com

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