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Mar 1, 2015 | Blood Moons, But That's Just Me, End Times, Israel

*** UPDATE to the UPDATE below (7-14-15): Very very very BAD deal was struck…Bible prophecy end result? Huge step towards the inevitable Ezekiel 38-39 battle beginning…On watch for the coming days to see what unfolds on the heels of it. The 9th of Av is July 25-26 2015 wonder if anything will begin at that time? The clock will tell…

**Israel blasts Iran deal as ‘one of the darkest days in history’

Netanyahu’s hardline coalition partner, education minister Naftali Bennett said, “Today a terrorist nuclear superpower is born, and it will go down as one of the darkest days in world history.”

*** UPDATE: The nuclear deal with Iran looks like it is being put off between now and another 3 months…But per Bible prophecy the end result of the Ezk.38-39 battle is inevitable. Still watching and waiting ***New headlines:

1) US official: Iran nuke talks could continue beyond deadline

” LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — Nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers could be extended past Tuesday’s deadline for the outline of an agreement if enough progress is made to justify it, a senior U.S. official said.

The statement suggested that talks meant to produce an outline that would allow the sides to continue negotiations until the June 30 final deadline had not bridged all gaps — but that the sides were working to produce a text with few specifics, accompanied by documents outlining areas where further talks were needed…” MORE at Highlighted Link above ^

2) Netanyahu: Emerging Iran Nuclear Deal Worse Than We Feared

” ISRAELI PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that the emerging deal with Iran is worse than feared, but Jerusalem has not given up on trying to block the dangerous deal.

As reports continue to stream in from Lausanne, Switzerland on the progress in the negotiations regarding Iran’s nuclear program, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Sunday that the emerging agreement is even worse than Israel initially estimated and feared.

After sharing about his conversations with Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid, who both affirmed their “strong and continuing bipartisan support for Israel.” and acknowledging the importance of their commitments, Netanyahu said that he expressed to them Israel’s deep concern over the agreement being formulated with Iran in the nuclear talks. “This agreement, as it appears, confirms all of our concerns and even more so,” said Netanyahu during the weekly cabinet meeting….” MORE at Highlighted Link above ^

Original post:
My friend Marion shared this today and I am going to share it and add the story of Esther below written by Jack Kelley at Grace Thru Faith…It is an excellent historical story, the reason the Jews celebrate Purim, and it has a definite correlation to this news link as Marion pointed out. {Note: Purim this year will start on Thursday, the 5th of March and will continue for 2 days until Friday, the 6th of March. Also note that in the Jewish calendar, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Jews will celebrate Purim on the sunset of Wednesday, the 4th of March.}

Marion ~
“And he begins his journey…epic move.
Comparable to the brave move of
Queen Esther. She broke protocol as
well. And was granted favor anyways.
Pray for favor for Israel.”


Netanyahu boards plane for Washington: I go as an emissary of the entire Jewish people
Prime minister speaks at Ben Gurion Airport ahead of fateful speech that has sparked tension with White House.


His full speech March 3,2015

The story of Esther is a four part series…Here is part one and I will post the links to the other parts below it….I have also added a video to the “Fringe” page today…Enjoy and keep watching….This year is starting off to be very prophetic in nature and especially this month so far…But that’s just me 😉 …. A MUST read also is: Blood Moons Coming !!!

Esther’s Story … Part 1 (Intro and Chapter 1)

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Esther’s Story

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

(NOTE: Ray C. Stedman’s book “The Queen and I” was a major source of inspiration for this series of articles on the Book of Esther.)

Although my Hebrew name is Hadassah, which comes from our name for the myrtle tree, most people know me by my Persian name, Esther. This is the story of how I rose from an orphaned captive Jewish girl to become Queen of Persia, the most powerful nation of my day. Many “learned” people (Martin Luther was one) have expressed doubt that my story should even be in the Bible because it seems to have such a secular theme. As evidence of this they claim that the Name of God is never mentioned. But as I’ll show you His Name appears five times, although each time it’s hidden in the Hebrew text. In fact “Something Hidden” is a good sub-title for my story because as it unfolds you’ll see that there is much more hidden than just the Name of God. It was all placed here for your learning, as a reward for the diligent student.

Many years before I was born, my parents had been brought to Babylon from Jerusalem with all the other Jews during what’s now called the Babylonian Captivity, a 70 year judgment that began in 586 BC with the destruction of Jerusalem and Solomon’s Temple.  My parents died there when I was still a young girl, so my older cousin Mordecai raised me as his own. My story takes place after Cyrus the Persian had conquered Babylon and released my people from our servitude but before Ezra left with a large group of volunteers to begin rebuilding our Temple in Jerusalem and reestablishing our nation.

It was a glorious time of peace in the Persian Kingdom and the air felt fresher, the sky looked bluer and the stars brighter because of it. All of Persia’s enemies had been conquered, including the great Babylon, long thought to be invincible. With no external threat present, King Ahaseurus, also called Xerxes, decided to host a grand celebration honoring the peace. Inviting his governors and other officials from all over the kingdom (it stretched from India to Egypt and encompassed 127 provinces) he threw a bash that lasted a full 180 days and was capped off by a lavish 7-day banquet! On the last great day of the banquet the King was feeling no pain and after extolling the flawless beauty of his Queen, Vashti, he commanded his servants to bring her into the banquet hall so all his princes and nobles could feast their eyes on her and envy his good fortune.

You’d think the Queen would be thrilled to receive all that attention, but to everyone’s amazement, she refused to appear before them. To say the King was beside himself with anger would be a massive understatement. Nobody disobeyed the King of Persia and lived to tell about it! He and his nobles quickly agreed that if she wasn’t punished, all their wives would soon become disobedient. They advised him to banish Queen Vashti from his presence and find a new queen to replace her, and he agreed. That very day he issued the decree deposing Vashti, vowing never to see her again.

In the Hebrew text describing this event the first hidden appearance of God’s name appears. The first letters of the Hebrew words for “all the women will respect” in what is now called verse 20 of chapter 1 form the acrostic acronym YHVH, the initials of God’s Name. There are a total of four such appearances. This one is spoken about the queen. The next will be spoken by the queen (5:4) and like it is made up of first letters. In both cases where the acronym consists of first letters the initial facts of an event are being revealed.

The third one will be spoken about Haman, (5:13) and the fourth by Haman (7:7). These two are made up of the last letters of the Hebrew words in the respective passages, and both times the final stages of events are being described. All four of these acronyms consist of the letters YHVH.

The first and third acronyms are spoken by gentiles and read left to right like all languages west of Jerusalem. The second and fourth are spoken by Israelites and read right to left like all languages east of Jerusalem.

There is also a fifth one (7:5) made up of last letters but in reverse order, and in this one the letters used are EHVH, another form of the Name of God, the one He used at the burning bush and that we translate “I am”. That makes five concealed appearances of God’s name. Five is the number of grace and indeed my story is a beautiful illustration of the Grace of God, concealed in the Old Testament, but revealed in the New.

But back to my story. It wasn’t till later that I discovered Queen Vashti’s reason for disobeying. She had refused the King’s command to parade before all those drunken nobles at the banquet because he had commanded her to appear wearing her crown, and only her crown. No wonder she declined.

After the party ended and the King had sobered up, he remembered how much Vashti had meant to him, and he regretted banishing her. Her absence created a great longing in his heart, and he missed her sorely. But Persian laws cannot be reversed, even by the King, so he was stuck with his decision. His advisers, seeing how sad and lonely he was, suggested combing the Empire for beautiful virgins they could bring to the capital city to be carefully prepared for him. After auditioning them, he could choose his favorite and she could help him forget Vashti. The King agreed, and that’s how I came into his life.

Now’s a good time to stop and introduce something else hidden in my story. In addition to being an actual historical event, the highlights of which are celebrated among Jews even today in the Feast of Purim, my story is also an amazing model of man’s proper relationship with God. It’s like a parable where every character also represents someone else.

To reveal these hidden mysteries, we’ll have the King represent our soul; our mind, will, and emotion. The Queen represents our spirit, our eternal essence. My cousin Mordecai, who we’ll meet soon, represents the Holy Spirit. Haman, an evil adviser to the King who we’ll also meet next time, represents our sin nature, or flesh, under the influence of Satan. The Capital City is our body, and the Kingdom, our world; the surroundings over which we exert influence.

The proper order for spiritual communications has God at the top, and in descending order the Holy Spirit, our spirit, and then our soul. As created beings, we’re designed to operate on the basis of the revealed Word of God, communicated through the Holy Spirit to our spirit and then to our soul, where it’s translated into behavior. When that’s happening we’re at peace.

When our story opened, the King and Queen were on their thrones. There was peace in the Capital City and indeed throughout the Kingdom. This represents man, functioning according to design, ruling over his kingdom within the parameters of God’s revealed Word as communicated through His Spirit.

But in his impaired state, the King reversed the order of communications, allowing the emotions emanating from his soul to govern his behavior. His lust prompted an improper command, and his anger at her disobedience caused him to banish the Queen. He soon regretted it, feeling sad and lonely, but the damage was done. This is what happens when we let our feelings replace the Word of God as the guide for our behavior. The line of communications is broken and we begin to feel sad, and alone. We’ve lost contact with our Counselor. And as we’ll see, once that happens there is no peace, either within us or in our surroundings, because it opens the door for the sin nature, or flesh, to take charge.

Next time the search for a new Queen begins, Haman and Mordecai begin their battle for the King’s ear, and a conspiracy to assassinate the King leads to an even more sinister plot to destroy my people, the Jews. We’ll also see how ruthlessly the flesh battles to maintain authority over the spirit once we permit it. So hang on, we’re just getting started.

Part Two…Esther’s Story … Part 2 (Chapters 2-3)


Part Three…Esther’s Story … Part 3 (Chapters 4-8)


Part Four…Esther’s Story … Part 4 (Chapters 8-10) Conclusion


This news should also be kept in mind after one reads the above and the Blood Moons link I shared as well….Interesting time we live in; these end of days….

Kuwaiti paper claims unnamed Israeli minister with…


The report seems unbelievable, but the newspaper…

jewishpress.com|By Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

“This year the 12th of Adar on the Hebrew calendar falls on March 3. March 3 is the date Netanyahu will be speaking to a joint session of Congress. The 12th of Adar is the date on which Queen Esther informed ancient Persia’s king of Haman’s plan to exterminate all the Jews. Look what happened three years ago on the 12th of Adar.”

Scroll Bibi

“That said, the most interesting moment of the day to me was when Netanyahu gave a gift to Obama, a decorated scroll telling the biblical story of the Book of Esther. The story from the Old Testament will be read this week at Jewish services commemorating Purim all over the world. The story focuses on Persian king known as Ahasuerus and wicked Persian president, Haman, and their plot to annihilate the Jewish people on a date certain. ‘Then, too, they wanted to wipe us out,’ Netanyahu told the president.” Through the prayer and fasting of the believers at the time, God supernaturally intervened in the situation and saved the Jewish people, though they still had to fight the Persian enemy. Ultimately, the Jewish people were saved by God’s amazing grace….” MORE at the HIGHLIGHTED link

Esther tells of a Persian plot against the Jews that was thwarted through cunning and the intercession of a gentile king. Purim, the holiday that celebrates the…More at highlighted link above ^

Last Days? Heavenly Signs Abound During Netanyahu Speech

Religious leaders are warning that the United States is nearing a day of judgment based on its treatment ofthe nation of Israel.What’s more, they say, signs in the heavens are coinciding with what is shaping upto be an unexpectedly controversial address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 3 and a fiercely contested Israeli election weeks later.Pastor MarkBiltz of ElShaddai Ministries warns that “our nationwill be judged” based on whether the United States sides with or against the Jewish state.Biltz believes signs in the heavens and correlations with feast days on the biblical calendar show such a judgment may be coming soon.“When Netanyahu speaks before Congress on March 3, this is the day before the Fast of Esther when the enemies of Israel, specifically Persia/Iran, had planned to destroy the nation of Israel,” he said. “The next day is Purim, which celebrates the day Israel achieved victory over Iran. The timing significance of this is just as important as the timing of the blood moon.”Biltz, author of “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs,” warns that the next blood moon is scheduled to appear over Passover, which begins April 3, just one month after Netanyahu’s speech.And this will be preceded two weeks earlier by a total solar eclipse on March 20, three days after the Israeli election, and coincides with Nisan, the beginning of the New Year according to the biblical calendar.Total eclipses don’t take place on any other known planet, point out intelligent-design scientists. They only take place on Earth, the finely tuned planet where life exists that can actually view them. Biltz points out that the Bible says in Genesis that the sun, moon and stars were created specifically as signs for mankind, so His creation would know about the feasts (or appointed times) to have relationship with their Creator.These prophetic warnings come amid unprecedented tumult in the American-Israeli relationship.

John McTernan’s Insights
“This is now exactly as September 1938 when Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler which set the stage for WW2. Winston Churchill warned not to appease Hitler and it would lead to war. Right now Netanyahu is Churchill and Obama is Chamberlain (Continued at link below)

BLOG POST: “Netanyahu: World has ‘given up’ in Iran nuke talks”
This is now exactly as September 1938 when Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler which set the stage for WW2. Winston Churchill warned not to appease…defendproclaimthefaith.org

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