World News Briefing ~ News You Are Not Getting In The Main Stream!

Apr 13, 2018 | But That's Just Me, End Times


Sharing an excellent site for World News. Please check out His Channel for other news. But, here is the report done on April 12, 2018. It’s only an hour long and in the last half they address the Syria conflict. Tons of other stories are visited and talked about and a brief spot addressing some good news about China (the good news being the amount of believers there now and growing). Pray for our brothers and sisters there and in other parts of the world who have to hide and struggle to follow Jesus under opposition. It is heading to the shores of the US as well and Christians here are sleep walking through it and not even realizing. I personally believe it will be at the worst after the rapture and so I pray for those left behind who will have a horrific time and will have to work out their faith in fear and trembling. It is better to be saved NOW…TODAY and not take the chance later. Anyway, here is the report and keep the channel link in your bookmarks so you can keep up to date and not be caught off guard because you are not getting the FULL news from the main stream. Keep watching Israel and the middle east. Just because you are not hearing about it does not mean nothing is going on!! Look up because our redemption is drawing near!! We are seeing all the signs Jesus told us about and the wars and rumors of wars can not be denied!


The first few seconds are silent but the sound picks up quickly…

His Channel News

News the main stream media should pay attention to and get their information from…  😉



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