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Jan 7, 2017 | End Times, Israel, Prophecy

This is almost exactly what I think about the UN decision made on December 23rd. Excellent video if you have not seen it yet….There are a few things I think a bit differently about but nothing that would be too far off. Just for example, I think Psalm 83 is most likely an actual battle that will happen and then Ezekiel 38 (which I agree with him on the timing of) and, the Shemitah is still relevant as well as the blood moons (scroll below) things like that… “Pastor JD answers the most often asked questions about Bible prophecy after an update on the implications of the recent UN Security Council Resolution against Israel.” Pastor JD’s YouTube channel… About 2mins 30secs in he gets started…

And the blood moons…. (snip & link to a must see site below)

Lord’s Perfect Sign Epic Closure Charts

If the contents of this site is too lengthy, PLEASE PLEASE just see the 4 charts below, as each is worth a 1,000 words. They mean so very much for you and your family and mine as to the bona-fide proof of how close Jesus’ return is.

A) As this article contains 4 absolutely extraordinary and unequaled charts that our Creator is currently displaying in the Heavens and we don’t even know it. Our Almighty God has picked this specific time for this generation as per Matthew 24:34 : “This generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled”. Well. after 6,000 years since Adam and Eve, in this decade of 2010-2019, our Creator has revealed His most profound Heavenly array of perfectly symmetric and synchronized cosmic warnings that He has “ever displayed”. Please note that these charts will mean “very little to you” unless you are able to please first review the 2014-15 Unprecedented Biblical Blood Moons (BBMs) Category on the Home Page where each of the previous 7 (BBMs) in world history are characterized, all inferior to the characteristics of the current one.

These are “silent witnesses” in the Heavens to be revealed. Psalms 19:1 : “The Heavens display the Glory of God…”.

He has fashioned this spectacular set of Heavenly Signs to be the ultimate omens and warnings that judgement is coming to the dwellers on this earth that have turned their sin laden back 180 degrees against Him. They also exemplify, in this BBM window, His imminent “glorious appearing” of Titus 2:13.

May you refer to the Bible scripture Category for further prophetic proof that the following charts are His revelation of this Holy Heavenly tapestry He has woven together for us to witness, as no one has ever witnessed this alignment before or ever will again. Not for 567 years from now in 2582-3 will the next BBMs occur, which by the way are also inferior to the present ones in their perfection.




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