Timelines to consider!! This video was excellent. He covers most of all the things we have been looking into. He is clear that these are just observations and, from what we can see, the time is upon us and it looks to be NOW! I usually tell people that I think things will start up and rapture will happen by the end of 2021 but this guy pretty much did all the work in showing the reasons why I say those things. Totally worth the 43mins and most especially if you just watched Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dream video. This is massive encouragement. Enjoy!


“IF the start to the 7 year tribulation and the rapture were to occur this year, how do future dates; the 1260, 1290, 1335 days of Daniel and Revelation, the Feast Days, Yom Kippur, solar and lunar eclipses, jubilee years, and the generation that sees the rebirth of Israel appear when placed on a timeline?

They appear to point the year 2020 as the start of the 7 year tribulation.

Every piece of the puzzle has meaning and is corrected located.

Each piece of the puzzle; the Revelation 12 Sign, the Lunar Tetrad, eclipses and so on, individually, told us we are getting close.

When all the pieces are put together, they form a mosaic, a mosaic that is pointing to the year 2020 as the start of the most difficult time in human history. A time that if not cut short by God, no one would survive.

That time is now.

*** Could I be wrong? Yes. ***

BUT, the reality is, we are running out of time. If the events do not occur this year, they will very shortly thereafter.

Biblical prophecy is accelerating at an ever increasing rate, as we were told it would, and we have passed the point of no return.

One way or another Jesus is returning, and the Gates of Hell will not stop him! (Bill Gates included!)”

{emphasis and stars added by me}


2020 Rapture: 2020-2027 Tribulation Timeline

His YouTube Channel: The Return of the King




Update On What’s Coming – The Importance of Sequence


Ty Green commented under his video ~
“These observations within the sequence point to a Rapture and during the gap between the Rapture and when the AC confirms and strengthens the covenant with many, is when the 10 kings rise up. This confirms the greater likelihood of the Rapture during the Wheat Harvest season this year. The Lord is Awesome!!! This is really happening folks!!!! Jesus, we love you and adore you. Come quickly, Yeshua!!!”


Keep looking up brothers and sisters!! It is almost time to go home!!!!!




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