This feels like a final message to me. It just really feels like it truly is the time now. Of all the times in the past on watch and, even through the Revelation 12 sign watch, THIS feels like it is it. I know that feelings can be deceiving but still, I just can’t shake it. I can still see a possibility of it going into 2021 but, if no rapture past this Pentecost watch this year up until after June 6, I will be flabbergasted. I obviously will not stop the watch in high anticipation and, realize it is by his grace so that others keep having the chance to be saved but, I will be a bit surprised that this is not the year! Why? Because I feel like this….

The time for warning in advance about what is actually going on in this world and why is at an end. The time for trying to get people to wake up and telling them that there is an ancient planned agenda to bring about the one world government beast system that the Antichrist will reign over is at its end. It is already upon this world. The only thing left for them to do is to put all the tools they use together to get it fully started. That is happening now. They are successfully crashing the global economies with this global virus tool. Now they are bringing back triggered shooters and fueling mass chaos riots. Not just here in the United States but world wide. These world wide protests and riots have been going on. Just do your own online search for protests worldwide (2019 & 2020). Protests pushed into riots are just another tool besides viruses, mass shootings, terrorist attacks and war mongering that they only need to keep feeding fuel to the fire to cause more chaos to gain the order out of.

Yes, the time to warn people in advance feels over. I can see why the outcome that God warned us about in his word turns out the way that it does. It is because we do not listen. We do not pay attention to what the Lord tries to teach and tell us. All of us. Not just unbelievers but believers as well. Makes me wonder that perhaps if all of the believers could have been in one accord and listened and investigated where the Lord leads us then things would have turned out the other way. God is sovereign and his word is the truth but, just because he tells us something is going to happen does not necessarily mean that is the way he wanted them to happen, just that he knows how it will in advance. He didn’t want Eve to fall for the lie and take the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil but she did. He didn’t want any of his angels to rebel and then try to take over his creation but they did and they are trying to defeat him. They will lose but he told us in advance that they would and will and what the result will be. Enter today and the current events.

Now more than ever is the time to focus on Jesus coming back. For years I have been pulled into watching and searching out the end time matters and sharing them so that people could see that what God told us would happen is happening exactly the way he said they would. I felt led to warn people so that they could see that God is true and his written word is true by the fulfilled prophecies happening in front of our eyes. Still, even with physical evidence, people do not listen. Some do but, most are rooted to this world and to self and refuse to pay attention to the Lord or his followers who try to show them the truth. The one world government will succeed for its allotted time because people are allowing it to. Jesus will take his followers out of here before it begins. But, perhaps if people would have come together under Jesus instead then, the coming tragedies would not be coming to this world. I don’t think the Lord wanted it to play out this way. He would rather ALL come to salvation under him so that judgment would not have to fall on anyone but the fallen angels involved in the revolt but, people do not listen and so unfortunately, he has to judge not only the fallen angels but mankind who would not listen as well. However, his mercy and love is such that even then, even in judgment and heavy tribulation mankind will be able to still seek him out and be saved. That is why there are Tribulation saints. He makes a way up until the very last second of the judgment time. He even sends out an angel overhead announcing the Gospel to the souls on Earth who have not accepted the mark of the beast so that they can change their minds and accept Jesus for salvation.

No, I don’t think this is the way he wanted it to unfold but, it must because we continued as he knew we would. Mankind ignoring his calls to turn and follow him and ignoring the consequences of not heeding his warnings. However, like a parent, he is a fair and loving God. He has allowed us the freedom to choose in all things. He has always done that. He can teach us that way after we see what happens from not listening and trusting him. A good example is when Israel cried for a king and he did not want them to have one but he relented and said ok, have your way. All teaching moments for mankind. God gives us true FREEDOM. He shows his love for us by allowing us to freely choose. He gives us a choice to be with him or go on our own which actually is following Satan, the temporary ruler of this world, knowingly or unknowingly. The consequences are not his fault if we choose to go against him. He tells us what each side offers you and allows you to decide. He never forces you. He is NOT a dictator. However, Satan is and the ignoring never learning from the past or from God world is about to learn that the hard way.

So here we are. Mankind has allowed the powers that be to continue in the plotting and planning of a world system and mankind has allowed it to grow by leaps and bounds over the years. Century after century things have been adding to the plan and mankind chooses to follow the temporary ruler of this world and even has voted for things to happen that aid in that. Mostly in our own ignorance of what was being shoved into our minds from conditioning to believe as well as refusing to listen to some difficult truths that those who became awake and those who dug into deeper studies of God’s word tried to share. Critical thinking and real truth searching is a thing of the past it seems for fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist. Yet another useful tool they use. We have been lied to and swallowed the lies and even repeat them as if they are truths. We allowed ourselves to be put into worldly groups and be divided over the lies we were fed. We allowed ourselves to be used in Satan’s purpose to go against God and each other when it is actually all about them against God and us. We allowed what is coming and God allowed us to allow it. We should thank God that he is so merciful that he made a way for us to be saved by sending Jesus so that now Jesus will be able to save his own out of it before the correction and judgment can begin. Even we believers have been used and I wonder if Satan laughs at God because of it but, he will not have the last laugh.

If you are not saved then, NOW is the time. It truly is at its end to accept salvation BEFORE the final years begin. Yes, you can be saved afterwards but, that is only if you survive long enough to accept salvation to begin with and if so, the chances are far greater that you will have to die for choosing Jesus over Satan and his beast government during those final days. Those are just the facts as stated in God’s word. As you can see on the world stage, things are going exactly how he told us they would right before the Tribulation (Jacob’s / Israel’s Trouble). We are here. We are beginning at the beginning of the end.

Here is the very much imperfect nutshell of God’s message to us in his word. It can not even come close to touching it all. Nothing takes the place of reading God’s word on your own and allowing him in and to talk to you through his word…Nothing! There are levels upon levels of meaning and explanations and reasons for what he does and why that you miss out on of you do not read and study his message to you on your own. The whole Bible is him speaking to you. But, for the utterly imperfect nutshell message, here you go :

God tells us what it is all about in his word. He tells us he created beings and this world and then mankind. He tells us that some of those beings launched an attack against him and all that he loves. He tells us that mankind fell for the very first lie told by his enemy Satan and that mankind chose to believe that lie and follow Satan and lost out on a perfect life that God had given them. He tells us that he never stopped loving mankind and continued to make a way for mankind to turn back to him. He tells us that he had a plan to send us a perfect sacrifice that would repair our spiritual damage that we allowed to happen to ourselves by going against him and falling for the lies. He tells us that his plan of inserting himself into our world to live a perfect life without sin so that his punishment and death will take our place of judgment is ours for free if we only believe in him and accept that free gift of his repair. He tells us that he will send his salvation / Yeshua into his chosen bloodline for a specific reason through the line of Abraham, Issac and Jacob (Israel). He tells us of his love for Israel and that he will restore them again but also in the interim bring in a wild branch of family (gentiles) who will accept that Yeshua before Israel fully does. He tells us that because Israel still will not believe in his Yeshua that they will have to go through war and judgements called Jacob’s Trouble until the blinders fall off their eyes and they see that Jesus is Yeshua and that Jesus is the messiah they long for. He tells us that after that happens then Jesus will come back again physically the second time to this world and take it back and defeat the beast system that was allowed to come about because of following the lies of the enemy. He tells us that when the time of Jacob’s trouble comes about for Israel to finally see Jesus is Yeshua the world will be in turmoil and there will be wars and rumors of wars and there will be plagues and pestilence and earthquakes and climate chaos etc. He tells us not to worry because Jesus has overcome the troubles in this world and that if you accept him as your Yeshua you will be saved! He shows us what it is like and what we get if choose to follow his enemy just by looking at the world around us and seeing it for ourselves. He tells us that he has another plan for those who love him and a perfect eternity and a new heaven and a new Earth coming for those who love him. He tells us that all we have to do is make a choice. Choose what you have now under Satan and his lies of a new world order or choose Jesus and live with God and live in perfection the way he intended us to live with him before we accepted the lies and turned away from him. God’s way is love and peace and Satan’s way is evil and turmoil and lies about what he can or will offer. Satan will offer false signs and false wonders. But, Satan offers death, total control over you and, depression. God offers LIFE and real FREEDOM. Choose before time runs out on the age of grace. Choose BEFORE the rapture happens and you get left behind. Choose today. Choose wisely!

If you accepted your free gift of salvation that Jesus offers us and you are his and love and follow him then rejoice because we are now heading for bigger and better things that he has prepared for us knowing in advance how it would all turn out. Jesus is coming for his people. First in the clouds in the PRE-Trib rapture and then physically again back to this Earth after the time of Jacob’s Trouble (7 years).

It is now….And so it begins….

How To Get To Heaven



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