Are you AAOx4? (Awake, Alert and Oriented times 4)

Jan 19, 2024 | But That's Just Me, End Times, Great Reset, Mark of The Beast, NWO, Prophecy, Rapture, Salvation, Tribulation

One if many who I follow is Tony at A Minute to Midnight. I’ve shared his videos and links before. Today he shared this article below and I thought it was pretty good so I’m sharing it as well. It’s a bit long but worth the time. Check it out…



Are you AAOx4? (Awake, Alert and Oriented times 4)

By Eric Stogner January 2024

What is AAOx4 and do you have it? No, it’s not the next ‘novel’ virus, but it does have a medical context. It refers to the terms used by water rescue squads or medical trauma nurses when they initially assess a rescued patient. AAO stands for: Awake, Alert and Oriented, and the number of 0 through 4 refers to the five levels of consciousness that the person may exhibit.

I first learned of this alert assessment scale when it was mentioned in a book by John Eldredge, titled “Waking the Dead” published in 2003. In the book, John was referencing the movie “The Perfect Storm” which was based upon a true story about a para-rescue jumper named John Spillane who was sent into the North Atlantic into the worst storm of the twentieth century. He describes how such first responders evaluate injured people being rescued The first thing they do is to evaluate their degree of consciousness. The highest level, known as ‘alert and oriented times four’ describes almost everyone in an everyday situation. They know who they are, where they are, what time it is, and what’s just happened. If someone suffers a blow to the head, the first thing they lose is recent events – ‘alert times three’ – and the last thing they lose is their identity. A person who has lost all levels of consciousness, right down to their identity is said to be ‘alert and oriented times zero’.

In the movie, when the character, John Spillane wakes up in the water, he is alert and oriented times zero. His understanding of the world is reduced to the fact that he exists, nothing more. Almost simultaneously, he understands that he is in excruciating pain from the harrowing jump into the raging sea from an unknown altitude. For a long time, that is all he knows. John then goes on to use this alertness scale as a means comparison to our own condition in our modern but confusing lives. John writes, “He is dazed and confused – just as we are when it comes to the story of our lives. It’s the perfect analogy. Especially during these challenging, difficult, and stressful seasons of life. Isn’t that what often happens to us? We have no idea who we really are, why we’re here, what’s supposed to happen to us, or why. Honestly, there are days when we are simply alert and oriented times zero.”

That was John Eldredge’s observation of people and their spiritual condition in this world back in 2003. How do things look now, two decades later? I think the answer is obvious, though it is worth exploring in more detail – because this is why we write these articles (and why Eldredge writes his books). We believe that there is hope that if people would wake up, they might be saved. Part of waking up is realizing the current level of alertness you operate under now and taking steps to become more fully Awake, Alert and Oriented. Because, otherwise, the world will be a terribly difficult and dis-orientating place and, like the situation for the fisherman going down in the perfect storm, we too find ourselves living through a perfect storm and our lives, our earthly and our eternal lives, are also at stake.

I really like this analogy and the 0 to 4 level scale that describes a person’s level of alertness and orientation. Because isn’t that the issue we have been battling with for a long time now? Whether people are alert to the real dangers and situations around them. And apparently, we are not the only ones concerned that people have a ‘proper awareness’ of events because, just this week the WEF (World Economic Forum) met in Davos, Switzerland and the number one item of global concern, according to them, is the proliferation of misinformation. Apparently, there may be a list of crisis’s that are impacting the world population, but none is more important to our global overloads than the issue of properly educating the masses. They want to ‘protect’ us from any ‘wrong think’ – basically any thought that is outside the prescribed talking points and agenda that the WEF’s cast of global leaders are foisting on the world at breakneck speed.

But again, look at the masses. The people are all dazed and confused. And it’s no wonder – we have been through so much mental and emotional manipulation that we are in many ways suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and frankly, it should be called OTSD, because the battles are not over, they are Ongoing. I hope to re-orient you to an inconvenient truth. To borrow one more term that I learned from Eldredge, he often points out that ‘We live in a world at war’. That may sound a bit hyperbolic, but it isn’t.

We all are feeling the impact of the spiritual war that is going on all around us. Those who don’t recognize this are not immune to its effects or its reality, they simply suffer from it and don’t even understand their situation. They are not properly alert and oriented to what is really happening. There is a spiritual war between God’s ways and the ways of Satan and the world, and we are all spiritual beings and feel the effects of that spiritual war. The arrows and wounds of the war occur whether we choose to acknowledge them or not. We can either become casualties and cannon fodder, or we can wake up and make the only choice that will save us – to put our faith in the Lord and understand his larger story that we find ourselves caught up in.

Let’s explore this further, because the sooner you assess where you are on the alertness scale and take steps to get properly oriented to the truth, the sooner you will be able to take steps to protect yourself and eventually to arrive at a place of both wisdom and peace. Even in the midst of the battle.

So, look around you. Think on the past few years, and even the last few decades. You have to admit, there has been more and more that is simply unsettling and just doesn’t feel right. Also, there have been some pretty major events that simply fly in the face of all that we had been taught to expect, or that disturbed our sense of well-being and stability. Whether it is the sudden racial tensions that seemed to unravel after what seemed like decades of racial harmony and progress, or the medical and governmental response to the global plandemic (the way it undercut decades and even centuries of trust in the medical establishment and in our elected government). The sudden destruction of a gas pipeline that provides fuel for the entire European continent that went down with almost no reaction, no military response, no search for the perpetrator. I could go on and on with examples, but there are so many things that have happened that should make you go ‘Hmmm’.

As I look around at the masses of people, I find that it’s helpful to categorize people along a continuum – into groupings on an awake and alertness spectrum – and let’s use the 0 to 4 level AAO scale that the emergency responders use to describe what may be 5 levels of awareness and orientation to the truth and reality of our situation.

Level 0: Completely asleep, oblivious, deceived, and living as if under a spell.

Description: This may describe about 30% of the population who seem utterly clueless and blind to what is happening. They are so thoroughly distracted and deceived, and almost trained to tune out facts that differ from the mainstream narrative that may never to see reality. These people have eyes that cannot see, and ears that cannot hear. They not only are deluded into believing the lie(s), but they see them as something to be celebrated and promoted. Lacking any objective set of truth or values, they invent their own personal truth, and they are easily persuaded to rally around and become part of the grass-root supporters who promote the lies of the world. They are even happy to become the foot soldiers ready to enforce the new reality and persecute those who won’t go along with the lie(s).

Ideological identities: These people shun the bible, embrace many of the forms of woke-ism and debauchery that the world offers, and they proudly participate in the alphabet mob’s agenda, or support those who do. Yet, they are unable to perceive that they are harming themselves and others in their quest to ‘do as thou wilt’. Typically, these are leftists, socialists, and SJW’s that literally have been given over to a depraved mind to the point that they literally are not capable of thinking logically, critically, or rationally – only emotionally. Therefore, they are only able to parrot the talking points fed to them by others, rather than arrive at any of their own well-founded conclusions. They have stopped thinking on their own and lack the moral foundations upon which to do so or to make rational decisions.

Personal values and attitudes: These are the folks who are eager to own nothing and be happy, to receive UBI and avoid actual work or achievement, They are happy to get a chip in their hands and embrace all sorts of digital technology sold under the banner of safety and convenience. These are the people who live for the latest technology and that pay extra to be on the automatic upgrade plan to receive the latest cell phone every year.

Vax prospective: These people never questioned any aspect of the plandemic and still think it was a true pandemic. They eagerly took the vax and all the boosters and will be happy to take the next one. They were early vax adoptees and enjoyed pressuring and outing anyone who questioned the official narrative and wanted to wait for proper vaccine trial periods to confirm whether it was a ‘safe and effective’ vaccine or just a grand experiment (or worse) foisted upon the entire population.

I’m sorry if this assessment of this category of people sounds unkind, I am only trying to give my honest description of the characteristics of this first group that seems the least awake, alert, and oriented to the reality we find ourselves in. Frankly, I struggle to tell whether these people are just completely naïve and deceived, or worse, have been co-opted to be part of Satan’s minions. Either way, they seem completely gullible and oblivious to all the lies and governmental propaganda that the mainstream media echo-chamber puts out as information but is in truth, misinformation – designed to deliberately deceive.

Level 1: Slightly awake and vaguely aware that something just isn’t right, but still mostly asleep, deluded and compliant.

Description: This may represent another 30% of the population. These people still look to the mainstream media for their information and behavior queues, but these people sense that somethings are amiss.

Ideological identities: This group is comprised of people from the left and the right. They probably watch most of the mainstream media channels, including ‘Fox news’, and are more conservative and perhaps religious than those at level 0 alertness. They see the events in our day as unusual, but not that far out of the normal cycles of human history. The powers that be have still maintained a level of ‘plausible deniability’ surrounding the explanation provided for questionable events that works on this crowd.

Personal values and attitudes: These are the ‘go along to get along’ crowd who may have a concern or two but are really more focused on getting back to normal and trying to lead happy little lives. They don’t want to be burdened with thinking about gloom and doom topics and would rather binge-watch another series on Netflix then strain their brain to think very much about the events of the day. Give them their bread and circus and they are pretty happy to comply. On the other hand, some in this group are also the ‘meat and potatoes’ sorts of people that once made-up ‘middle-America’. These are the working class that pay their taxes, are patriotic, that send their children off to serve in the military and make up the productive mainstream of society. These people are not the problem, but they are only vaguely aware of the deeper realities of our world.

Vax prospective: These folks probably were initially enthusiastic and eager to take the vax, if for no other reason than to just get ‘back to normal’ and get on with life. They may have preferred not to have this hassle, but they went along, at least at first. Many now have a mixed opinion about taking any more of the boosters as they are somewhat aware of vaccine related illness and some of the ‘died suddenly’ incidents that the mainstream media has not been completely successful at suppressing the truth about over the past couple years. It is uncertain how this group will react if another plandemic comes along and they are again asked to roll up their sleeves.

Level 2: These people are fairly aware of some specific facets or aspects of conspiracy, but only a few of them and they treat them in isolation. They are hesitant to discuss their views, though, when pressed they often will share their concerns. But, they don’t see much of a larger pattern or conspiracy.

Description: This may be about 25% of the population, these people may still watch some mainstream media propaganda, but they also tune into alternate sources on occasion. They find it interesting and concerning, but not alarming when they learn of organizations that may be corrupt or engaging in nefarious practices that they are starting to notice happening around them. They tend to view negative events as being caused by a handful of bad actors following the usual agendas – big pharma, corporate greed, political corruption and incompetency, fraud – all things that can certainly be ‘fixed’ by humans and perhaps even with the help of AI and better oversight.

Ideological identities: These may be more educated and professional, and they still believe in most of the institutions and mechanisms of government and society. They are mostly optimistic about the future, but they have their reservations and concerns.

Personal values and attitudes: These are mostly people of faith, though not all. They respect the traditional Judeo-Christian values that this country was built upon. They see the erosion of public trust in institutions such as the medical establishment, government, and the media. They too, share some concerns with the direction of society and some have started to remove their kids from public schools and limiting their engagement in the more ‘woke’ aspects of society, by avoiding trips to Disney, and shopping in stores like Target or supporting brands like Bud Light that seem to be attacking traditional American values.

Vax prospective: These people probably resisted the vax overall. Some ended up taking it in order to hold onto their jobs while others resisted, in spite of pressures both at work and from relatives. Most who took the vax decided a while ago, that they were not going to take any boosters and, the next time a plandemic comes around, they are not likely to take any new vaccines that are pushed on the public.

Level 3: These people are quite Awake and Alert. In fact, they are actively monitoring the situation around them, taking steps to be prepared – physically, mentally, and even spiritually. They are ‘eyes wide open’ when it comes to the reality that most of the global organizational structures are controlled by some sort of unseen force that works from the shadows, is elusive and difficult to identify. They see the facts that are undeniable that there is a ‘them’ out there that seems to be deliberately deceiving people, on many levels and working to accomplish an agenda that is anti-human, anti-prosperity and perhaps even designed to upend the whole world order or even depopulate the planet.

Description: These people may make up about 10% of the population. They are able to connect a lot of the dots, but not all of them. They are eager to learn more and take appropriate steps to become informed and, if possible, to inform others. They are interested in the activities of the WEF (World Economic Forum) and the key shakers and movers including people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, as well as bad actors like Klaus Schwab, and Yuval Noah Harari. These people mostly avoid mainstream media, except to check in to see what mindless propaganda the masses are being fed. Instead they seek out alternate information sources on social media, and faith-based channels. They may even be aware of the major movements that are underlying the events that we see play out – movements toward one world government, socialism, Marxism, and even see the links between what has happened in the past, such as the Bolshevik revolution or the third Reich, and what is happening today. These people are more biblically literate and are more likely to embrace eschatology – the study of end times events. They see similarities in the biblical prophesies and the events of our days. There is a growing awareness among this group of an overarching evil, that appears to be working at least among some specific organizations.

Ideological identities: This is a mixed group of both the conservative religious types, as well as some deep-thinking secular atheists. Both sides are starting to comprehend the political and ideological war we find ourselves in and they are starting to learn more about the various organizations at work behind the scene – organizations like the Rockefeller Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, etc. (For more information, consult reference books like “The New World Religion – the beliefs of the elite” by James Musker or “The Deep State Encyclopedia “ by Really Graceful.)

Personal values and attitudes: These are the folks who are often committed Christians and who have lamented the downfall of traditional values and the ongoing impact of the culture wars for a few decades. Many still place their hope in some political solutions, including what the republican party and Trump may say in sound bites, but many are also starting to abandon their faith in the system, and realize that trust in the Lord is the only true hope.

Vax prospective: Few of these people took the vax and they were often quietly trying to reason with others during that strange season when the vax was being pushed out to the masses. Many sought religious exemptions to avoid vax requirements by their employers, and some walked away from their jobs over the mandates. Some of these are the people who are trying to spread the word about vaccine injuries and who also believe in working strenuously to ‘fix’ the system. There are a few especially outspoken and diligent scientific thinkers who still believe that they organizations can be fixed if there is a collective awareness and will to make the changes. While others, in this group have lost hope that these man-made systems can be corrected. They recognize that this is a fallen world and the events that are happening are likely some of the end-times events that the bible has been warning about.

Level 4: These are the fully Aware, Awake and Oriented to reality and to the entire spiritual landscape. This relatively small handful of people connect all the dots to reveal the connection of current events to bible prophesy. They can see from the lowest foot soldier all the way up to the top Satanic hierarchy and beyond that – up to God’s prospective and his larger story. These few, these happy few, are the ones who others think pedal stories of gloom and doom, but who actually are enjoying a fair degree of peace and serenity as they point upward and remind people to look up, for their redemption comes soon.

Description: This may represent only 5% of the population at best – what some would call the remnant believers. These are deeply committed Christians who understand that we indeed live in a world at war. These folks view everything through the lens of biblical truth and they see with spiritual eyes that can see and they hear with spiritual ears that can hear – watching and listening for what the Holy Spirit is whispering and confirming. These people know that this is a long-standing battle for the human soul that has been raging since the Garden of Eden. This is not just history unfolding, it is His story playing out as God intended it to from its start at creation. We are in the final days of the age of grace and are approaching the cusp of the great tribulation.

Ideological identities: These people not only see the insanity and delusions that are duping the masses, but they can fully identify all layers of the cosmic organizational chart from God, to Satan, to his fallen angels, to the unnamed cabal, to the leadership structure of organizations named above, and down to the foot soldiers. They see that the deception is being executed by Satan and is ultimately all part of God’s larger grand plan as outlined in prophetic scripture like revelation.

Personal values and attitudes: These are the folks who are highly committed Christians. These are the ones eager to herald the imminent rapture of believers and the soon coming period of Jacob’s trouble – the seven year tribulation – all concepts that the world does not understand or accept. These are the ones who walk closely with the Lord and hear his voice, heeding the promptings and checks in their spirit that the Holy Spirit provides in due season. These are the people who trust the Lord fully and no longer have any faith in the systems that govern the world. They recognize that there is a whole evil hierarchy at work at a global scale and that the world is going down like the Titanic. They see the masses as being concerned with trivial things while ignoring what is really important and even life threatening (It is like watching others re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.)

Vax prospective: These people avoided the vax at all costs, they saw through the lies and deception immediately, or very quickly, and they knew in their souls that this was all a great lie, a noble lie from the enemy’s perspective, but an evil lie none the less. These are the people who will sacrifice whatever it takes to stand for God’s truth and not succumb to peer pressure or manipulation from the ‘powers that be’ that control this earth. They realize that, indeed, the whole world lies under the power of the evil one, but that his is only a power over the flesh and is not to be feared. Instead, these people respect and fear (revere) the one who has power to cast body and soul into hell.

There you have it – my attempt to put the entire population into 5 main buckets or categories, based on what really seems to drive them and their identity, and frankly how awake, alert and oriented they are to biblical reality.

Very Important Point:

I must make a very important point concerning the difference between level 3 and 4 because it can seem subtle, but I believe is huge. People at level 3 and at level 4 see most of the same issues and can perceive and identify a lot of the maliciousness that is happening, but those that I place in the level 3 category either are blind to or afraid to speak about the ‘motive’ and ‘force’ behind the malevolent activities or rotten fruits that they are observing. In other words, they don’t or won’t make the link to the spiritual realm. They don’t fully connect the dots to understand that, indeed, this is a satanic agenda.

That is not hyperbole like when people call someone a ‘Nazi’ as a way of disparaging them by comparison. I am pointing out that Satan is literally influencing and exercising his power over various people and groups on this earth. To deny this is a fundamental blind spot that is either being overlooked deliberately or that the person has not received the spiritual insights from the Holy Spirit to discern for themselves. But this connection, this motive and powerful actor should be discussed. And only a few outlets do – channels like ‘A Minute to Midnite’, Leo Hohmann, Dayz of Noah, Spiritual Logic, or JD Faraq are among some of the very few that make this connection. That is what separates people on my scale between level 3 and 4.

Why is it important to identify Satan’s role? First of all, to not know your enemy and ignore him is in many ways just being foolish and letting him have his way. Secondly, scripture describes Satan and his role and powers to influence. Thirdly, it is important to realize that while Satan plays a key role, he is not the highest power at work here – God the Father is the highest power. Satan only is able to do what God allows. And in that very real sense, Satan is part of God’s plan, just as Judas and Pharoah and Pontius Pilate were part of God’s plan. God allows evil to have its way and its day for a season for a purpose. Probably to let people or angels who were granted freewill the opportunity to exercise freewill and to decide to choose evil and against God or to choose God’s team and to follow God’s ways. What better way to separate wheat from chaff? So, it is important on many levels to understand that evil has a source and is allowed to happen, and while that may not be the way we would have run the universe, it is the way God has chosen. And it should at least remind us who is in charge, and which side wins this battle. God wins and that should give us clarity and sustaining hope while we live out our days in this world at war. We will share in God’s victory over evil.

One last observation between level 3 and 4. It is interesting and almost painful to watch both the Christian voices and especially the few secular and scientific intellectual types get so close to understanding the real issues and being fully awake, and yet still missing the mark. I want to use Bret Weinstein from the DarkHorse podcast and YouTube channel as an example. He is the perfect picture of a secular atheist who is solidly at level 3 on my AAO scale. He is truly a brilliant thinker, who bravely challenges the mainstream agenda and narrative and has done so at considerable personal cost. He sees the issues and describes them very well, he identifies a ‘them’ out there, a difficult to identify force at work that is disrupting the proper operation of our various institutions including the medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, the higher education realm as well as the government. But Bret’s understanding stops there – because he doesn’t hold a Christian worldview. He is an evolutionary biologist by training, and he doesn’t understand the sin nature or any aspects of the spiritual realm and God’s larger story. As such, he correctly identifies many areas of contradiction and even malevolence operating in the world, but he always ends up hitting a glass wall in his understanding and arguments. He still believes that better systems, better oversight and more education and corrective action removing the few bad apples will solve this problem. He is not able to connect the dots and see the bigger picture because without a biblical understanding of reality – nothing makes complete sense.

Scripture is not some fanciful story designed to make believers feel better at night. It is the reality that exists by God’s sovereign creative will that, frankly, scientific types like Bret don’t have the insight or tools to measure and examine and therefore they cannot or refuse to accept the biblical model and explanation for the world in which we all live. It is sad really, to be so smart and be so close, and yet miss the essential reality that truly does answer all the issues we encounter. Hence, this is why I really like the highest 4th level of awareness and orientation – because it sees the whole picture and, sees things as God sees them. We can’t know all that He knows, but we can have a glimpse and understand at a basic level the world from the prospective that God sees things.

So, the question comes down to:

What is your level of alertness and orientation? Or more basically, “Who are you?”

Interesting side bar: Growing up in the late 1970’s and early 80’s in the era of classic rock, I can’t help but think of the song “Who Are You” performed by the British rock band “The Who”. (Not the World Health Organization – this was way before those letters meant something a lot more malevolent). The song asks a simple but essential question. It was composed by Pete Townshend and was the title track of The Who’s 1978 release of an album of the same title. Ironically, the lyrics are based on a real-life incident where Townsend was found by police in the doorway of an apartment in the SoHo district of London, apparently drunk or high and in an intoxicated and unresponsive state. He was AAOx0 or perhaps 1. The police asked him who he was, and apparently they recognized him, and once he regained some alertness, they simply advised him to go home. That song and the story behind it, really fits this article pretty well, don’t you think?

But, back to the question. What is your level of alertness and who are you? Both your earthly and your eternal fate does hang in the balance here. Not depending so much your level of alertness but depending on your decision for or against Christ. That is the most important of all questions in your life. It is the question of your identity. Whom do you identify with? The God who created all things and who is letting His story play out, or some other god. Remember, there is only one way, a narrow way that leads to the Father, all else is a wide path that leads to destruction. And when you look around, and see all these things happening, does this not allow you to see more clearly and become more fully awake. And as you waken, are you not able to see the evil that is playing out, and doesn’t this drive you all the more toward Christ?

There have been many forerunners that foreshadow this sort of thing. God has allowed evil to have its way and its day, for a season, and then he has shown up to set things right. Whether as in the days of Sodom, or with Nineveh, or when the whole earth was flooded as an act of judgment and only Noah and a handful of others survived, or when the Jewish people were nearly run into the Red Sea, until God showed up and demonstrated his might and his justice or when he made a way for his people and vanquished their enemies. God’s plans always come to pass. He is kind and merciful and long suffering, but he eventually has to pull the plug and bring down the house. Like Sampson pushing down the pillars, or God casting out the fallen angels from heaven, or coming himself in the flesh as Jesus to upend the religious deception and conquer the power of death. God wins every time, and he doesn’t even break a sweat. So, trust me on this – you want to be on the right side of His story.

One more appeal. These level 4 people – they have something you really want, whether you realize it or not. They have a peace from the Lord that passes understanding. And while to others, these people seem to talk about topics that sound like gloom and doom, they actually have a sense of calm in the face of global unrest that truly passes understanding. They know that the Lord has this mess all under control and they no longer worry about the rocking of the boat in a storm. They are at peace in the same way that the Lord was at peace that time where scripture described that Jesus was sleeping in the bow of the boat, meanwhile the rest of his disciples were panicking about the storm raging all around them. Remember that story – how they had to awaken Jesus and asked in fear if he cared whether or not they perished?

Yet, remember how Jesus handled it? First, he rebuked the wind and› the waves, and they became instantly calm; and then, he rebuked the disciples – asking why they had so little faith. To be fair, this was certainly scary for them, just like the times we live in are scary for us today. And though they knew Jesus as their teacher, they were still learning about Him and His ways and His immense power. (Just as we are still learning about Jesus). But Jesus’s posture in that moment spoke volumes. He was modeling that those who trust in him can relax and should not give in to fear. He was essentially saying ‘Keep your eyes on me. Do I seem to be concerned in the least? The waves and the storm are all under my command and control.’

In fact, Jesus clearly engineered this entire storm as a demonstration and a faith building exercise for his disciples. And he has designed this storm that we find ourselves in today also. This is the time to double down on your faith (or get one if you don’t have one yet). God is in control of all things, including Satan and his minions. He has a wonderful plan for his children. We must simply trust in the one who holds the future.

So, lets wrap this up with a bit of scripture, something short and simple from one of the major prophetic books of the bible. Daniel. 11:33, 35

“Those who are wise will instruct many, though for a time they will fall by the sword or be burned or captured or plundered…Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified, and made spotless until the time of the end, for it will still come at the appointed time.

See what that says – the wise will instruct many. The wise are those who are AAOx4. They see the whole picture, connect all the dots, and see the linkage between the events of our day and the events already outlined in the prophetic scriptures. We are in those last days, folks. Why not open your eyes and take hold of the only lifeboat on this sinking Titanic. Take hold of the life that Christ came to offer to whosoever will accept it. Salvation and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ.


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