Astute Bible Believers Will See Something More Than Just A Blood Moon

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Well, as most of us already know there is another blood moon upon us. This time it is the Super Wolf Blood Moon. This is yet another sign post of where we are on God’s timeline and what is coming soon. Please enjoy this wonderfully written article from T.W. Tramm below and visit the other links under it as well. Also, don’t forget Brad’s site at Revelation 12 Daily and one of my new favorites (Thanks to Brad and her posting at Brad’s site) Lyn Melvin. Not only does she explain things wonderfully, she is great at connecting all of the dots from all sources on these signs, dreams, visions and etc. Both sites are well worth the daily or weekly visits in my humble opinion. Now on to this most awesome write up by T.W……



SUNDAY evening, a blood-red moon will adorn the skies above America and Western Europe.

A total lunar eclipse, or “blood moon,” is a rare event. On average we see only a couple every few years, and the next one doesn’t occur until 2021. The particulars of Sunday’s eclipse, however, make it especially noteworthy. First, it’s a Wolf moon, the name given the first full moon of the year. Second, it’s a Supermoon, meaning the Moon is at its closest possible distance to Earth, thus appearing considerably larger than normal.

In addition to being a rare “Super Blood Wolf Moon,” this weekend’s blood moon may be the most viewed in US history. This is because the entire eclipse is visible from start to finish for the contiguous 48 states and totality begins early in the evening (before midnight from coast to coast). Only two other eclipses in the last half century meet these two criteria, one in April of 1968 and one in January of 2000. Sunday’s eclipse will also last longer than normal: totality will last for over an hour and the entire eclipse more than five hours.


In Scripture a blood moon is a sign of judgment and points to the end of the age (Joel 2:31). It’s thus interesting that Sunday’s occurrence takes place exactly two years from the day Donald Trump, who is regarded as a prophetic figure by many Jews and Christians, was sworn in as president. Trump, who was born on a blood moon exactly 700 days before the 1948 rebirth of Israel, was exactly 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old on the day of his swearing in.

Considering how the President’s policies and dealings in the Middle East have set the stage for major Bible prophecies to be fulfilled, it seems fitting that the eclipse will enter totality just before midnight over the White House in DC.

In addition to marking the halfway point of Trump’s term as president, the blood moon occurs exactly 69 weeks after the Revelation 12 Sign that took place on September 23, 2017. A 69-week timespan is prophetically significant because in Daniel’s weeks prophecy a period of 69 weeks precedes the Tribulation, or 70th week (Dan. 9:24-27).


The impending blood moon occurs in the sign of Cancer. As explained in E.W. Bullinger’s “Witness of the Stars, the constellations, or mazzaroth (Hebrew) illustrate God’s plan of redemption for humanity. The various star pictures and names communicate different parts of the plan. This heavenly mode of communication is alluded to in the Psalms where it is said, “The heavens declare the glory of God … Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge” (Ps. 19:1, 2).

With this in mind, some of the stars comprising Cancer are—

• The Beehive cluster, whose ancient name is Praesepe, meaning a “multitude, or offspring.”

• Acubene, meaning the “sheltering or hiding-place.”

• Ma’alaph, meaning “assembled thousands.”

• Al Himarein, meaning the “kids or lambs.”

Other nearby stars complete the picture but the gist, as explained in Witness of the Stars, is that the sign of Cancer depicts the completion of God’s work, specifically related to Messiah’s redeemed and their eternal dwelling place in the heavens. Quoting Bullinger, “[Cancer illustrates how] His redeemed shall come to a resting-place that is good, and to a land that is pleasant …. In the many mansions of the Father’s house they shall find eternal rest.”

What message is being conveyed by Sunday’s total lunar eclipse in Cancer?

Understanding that a blood moon denotes judgment and that the sign of Cancer depicts the Lord’s redeemed in heaven, the impending eclipse may be read as a sign that Judgment Day is imminent and Jesus is coming to take His redeemed to the place He has prepared.


A day after the blood moon, on January 22, another sign unfolds in the heavens. Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest star-like points of light in the sky, will conjunct in the sign of Scorpio, passing within a mere 2.5 degrees of one another.

Generally, a Venus-Jupiter conjunction happens once a year. This year’s conjunction, however, is rare because Venus is as far from the rising sun as it can get, thus appearing especially luminous. This type of conjunction (Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio with Venus at its greatest distance from the rising sun) occurs only once every 24 years.

Like Cancer and the other constellations, Scorpio and the stars comprising it communicate a part of God’s plan of redemption:

• The Hebrew name for Scorpio, Akrab, is the name of a scorpion but also means “the conflict, or war.”

• Scorpio pictures a gigantic scorpion trying to sting the heel of a mighty man (Ophiuchus) who is struggling with a serpent (Serpens). The scorpion is crushed by the man, however, who has his foot placed on its heart.

• The heart of the scorpion is represented by a star named Antares, which means “the wounding.”

Other star-names complete the picture, but the gist, as explained by Bullinger, is that Scorpio and the nearby signs Ophiuchus, Serpens, and Hercules, combine to tell the story of the Redeemer’s conflict (and man’s struggle) with the adversary, who will be crushed. Scripture teaches that believers in Christ have the power and authority to “trample on snakes and scorpions” (Luke 10:19). Soon, the Lord Himself will come to squash the enemy (Rev. 20).

What message is being conveyed by next week’s Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio?

Historically, Venus, the “Morning star,” and Jupiter, the “King Planet,” are the same heavenly bodies that merged to generate the sign of the Lord’s coming—the Bethlehem Star. Scorpio, as we just learned, illustrates humanity’s struggle with the adversary and the evil one’s ultimate defeat. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, therefore, may be read as a sign that Jesus is coming soon to put down the enemy.


A final important feature of Sunday’s blood moon is that it’s the last in a series of eclipses known collectively as the “Lord’s Perfect Sign.” Those who study eclipse occurrences note that the 2014-15 tetrad is the only one since the time of Christ that is “bookended” by three consistently spaced blood moons on each side. The three eclipses to the left of the tetrad occur on 12/21/10, 6/15/11, and 12/10/11. The three eclipses to the right of the tetrad occur on 1/31/18, 07/27/18, and 1/21/19. The blood moon this weekend is thus the last in an unprecedented, nearly decade-long series of ten eclipses.

This is significant.

If the abovementioned blood moons are the ones alluded to in Scripture as heralding the Day of the Lord and the last eclipse is upon us, the day must be near indeed.

Not only are the moon and stars testifying to the Lords’ soon return, a once-in-history convergence of prophetic timelines and circumstances declares it as well:

• Israel’s 70th year as a nation ends this spring (Matt. 24:32-35; Ps. 90:10; Jer. 29:10).

• “Peace and safety” is the talk of the Middle East as Trump’s Deal of the Century is set to be unveiled after Israeli elections in April (1 Thess. 5:1-3).

• The Western nations that have been a restraining force against chaos and tyranny in the world, namely the US and its European allies, are themselves descending into chaos and dysfunction (Matt. 24:6, 7).

• Recent market volatility is a sign that a global economic depression or collapse is in the making (Rev. 6:6; Ezek. 7:19).

• Anti-Israel coalitions described in the ancient prophecies are formed and champing at the bit. (Ez. 38, 39; Ps. 83).

• Jerusalem and Damascus, more than any other cities in the world, are at the center of contention and conflict. (Isa. 17; Zech 12:2)

• Bizarre weather, seismic activity, and other unexplained natural phenomena are increasing exponentially.

The stage is set for Jesus’ return as at no time past or foreseeable.

This fact speaks volumes.

Sunday evening, a blood-red moon will adorn the skies above America and Europe. Most viewing the eclipse will see it as simply an awesome natural phenomenon. Astute Bible-believers, however, will see something more—a sign from the Creator that the Day of the Lord is at hand.



1. Eclipse details and viewing:

2. Eclipse rarity:

3. The total phase of the eclipse begins at 11:41pm EST; the eclipse peaks, or reaches perigee, at 12:12 am, and ends at 12:43am. It’s important to note that while eclipse-timing predictions are generally accurate, a number of factors involved in the calculations can cause them to be off by a matter of minutes. With this in mind, if the total phase of the eclipse were to end five minutes later than predicted, we would be looking at a blood moon beginning 19 minutes before midnight and ending 48 minutes after—a “1948” eclipse peaking at 12:12!

4. Bullinger on the sign of Cancer:

5. Venus-Jupiter conjunction:

6. Bullinger on the sign of Scorpio:

7. At Jesus’ first coming, Venus and Jupiter merged to generate the Bethlehem Star near the brightest star in the sign of Leo, Regulus, known as the “Kingly Star.”

8. The Lord’s Perfect Sign:



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What is he signaling to us right now? Depends on the season. We know we are in his season of return. We can not be dogmatic about the exact day but, we can know the season and, we can know to be ready and prepared per his warnings and signaling to us. Be prepared by being saved by Jesus. Be waiting and watching for the day. All signs / signals point to SOON!


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