This is a MUST WATCH video. It does go fast and you might want to watch it twice with pausing it at key places the 2nd time around. He basically, with the help of Daniel Matson’s charts at Watch For The Day and his time lines, pulls together all the posts on the signs of the times that I have shared on this blog starting from the Blood Moons all the way to the Revelation 12 Sign. He has done such a wonderful job here explaining all the charts of Daniels as well. If you are like me, on the occasion you looked at the charts and thought: “Wow, that looks cool and like it is really important” but like me, math makes your brain fog over and you needed someone to just come out and explain it (ha ha). Well, this guy ( I think his name is Darren Jack) does just that! Please take the time to see this and focus on it because you won’t regret it. Now, there is a date speculation based off the math here so as always, use discernment along with prayer and view this just like the other watches. We are all just trying to figure it out but obviously don’t have all the answers. Just be alert, ready, awake and aware is all. Maranatha!!



And here are a few more links for you to check out below:

Yes, more on the lemons and how they are still in play 🙂


Here comes a ‘super blue blood moon eclipse’





“U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem Will Open Before End of 2019”

President Trump taps Vice President Pence to announce that construction will begin shortly as the US Embassy move-in date is set for 2019!


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