Are You Saved?

Jun 29, 2022 | But That's Just Me, Jesus, Salvation


Video below is ONLY 30 mins long. Salvation is so simple, so easy to understand and to receive and it is a FREE gift! It is devastatingly heartbreaking that most will go down the wide road of destruction in stead of the narrow way of salvation in Jesus because they willingly ignore finding the truth and they will end up going to hell instead. You have to make the choice. It is up to you where you spend eternity. God did his part already. If you think you are a “good” person, can do good deeds, go to church on special occasions, and call yourself a Christian and that’s what makes you saved, then you are 100% wrong. There is only one way to be saved…Watch this and see what it is.


The Gospel: simple and beautiful


LINK TO SOURCE CHANNEL: Calvary Chapel Franklin

BONUS LINK: Got Questions



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