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I’m sharing this new video by Ricardo Garcia. I just really think that Ricardo makes a lot of sense here. Not only do I think his calendar makes sense, I also agree with his thoughts about the New World Order etc. This July wheat harvest time also matches the Fruit map videos done by Chooch where he reiterated and pointed out that we (the church or bride) are barley and wheat and the grapes and figs would be Israel and Tribulation saints. Also, I believe that Unsealed had an article about this as well. The phrase of “don’t be a grape” was a favorite phrase being said to make the point.

So, I will be watching July 13th through the 17th and even until the 23rd. Make sure you check out the Relevant Links section at the bottom of this post for more about Pentecost in July and, two links about the possibilities of who the 24 Elders could be. IF we are still here afterward this July watch then, as Ricardo alluded to as well, I’ll go to the next watch time. I’ll look to Dr. Barry Awe’s watch in August. I’ll include in his video right under Ricardo’s below.




3000 RAPTURE prophesies in the mighty moonth of AV !!!



There has been so much arguing about the recent Georgia Guidestones event and the Seals and people have sort of been taking sides and pushing fellow brothers and sisters out who may see it differently. It has been a bit discouraging for me. It has a feel as if you are back in high school and you are not in the “right clique”. If you don’t hang out with the cool gang then you are outcast and shunned. This is what I have been seeing in videos and reading in comment sections.

Let me start with the seal issue, I have seen and heard slights being made at those who can see that the seals could possibly be opened already. For the most part, the slights are being made by those who did not actually read any of the books or articles that have been shared that show the other side. That is actually how one is to have a proper discussion. You look into the reasons and materials and then discuss them. If you do not have the time then don’t just write your brother or sister off as being stupid or “deceived”. I find that people automatically freak out if you say that it is possible that the rapture will be at the 6th seal. They think that we will be in the wrath and tribulation for the first 5 seals. If they looked at the materials shared they would see that is not exactly the case at all. Those of us who have read David Lowe’s books and Ryan Pitterson’s books (and watched his videos) think that it is possible that Jesus started to open the seals after he ascended and, that we have been living through the first 5 seals all the way up until this day and, that when the 6th seal is opened THAT is when the 7 year Tribulation and wrath begins. The false religions and false Christs, the wars, the famines, the pestilences and people being killed for being Christian and following Jesus have been going on this whole time. The galloping horses that carry these things will just continue at a faster pace and continue to get far worse until they reach the entire earth after the 6th seal and rapture happen. The spiritual horses quite possibly have been running already. It is still a PRETRIB view. That said, I find it very plausible and it makes the most sense to me but, I won’t fully toss out that it will happen the mainstream teaching way. I just think that we shouldn’t be too dogmatic about some things and that it is possible to see another side of it. Also, if you don’t think it is plausible I will not call you an idiot or deceived.

Now, The Georgia Guidestones. Most of what I have been seeing is that many believe that God took out the one stone. As cool as that is to me, that the Lord said to the globalists that he is about to bring the hammer down on their plans, I don’t think that is the case at all. I think, and this is just me and I won’t slam you for not seeing it this way, if God was going to make his point that way there would be nothing but sand and rubble left and not just one stone being hit. There is a video out showing a person running away from the site (it’s hard to believe anything we see now days so who knows if it is a fake or not but still). I do think it was a ritual event by the elites for a few points. First of all, it was the HIndi/Swahili stone and since we just had CERN start back it it is quite possible it is ritual for the next coming event that involves CERN. Perhaps that is why the Hindi stone was struck (Hindu goddess Shiva and all that). Also, they can blame groups who are against the global government and draw attention to that. Not to mention that there is a time capsule at the site and perhaps whatever they have in that is another ritualistic next step for them to be taking. That is just speculation on my part because no one FULLY knows what they are up to or how and when they have to carry their ritual acts out. I just think that if it were God who struck it then it would have been fully destroyed and not just one stone. Could I be wrong? ABSOLUTELY!

Also, remember that cube at the Guidestones? The “code” on the cube in its entirety read: MM, 16, 20, 14, 8, JAM. These occult elites use numerology frequently and there are so many rabbit holes that you can go down that end up in a time suck. Anyway, here is an interesting SPECULATIVE video:

Guidestones Cube Finally Solved…Pointed Forward to It’s Destruction!


All that said above, I see it as Ricardo Garcia stated at the end of his video above. We should not focus on these things but rather focus on Jesus coming for us and spreading the Gospel in the ways that we have been called to do it. Each of us has our own way of doing that, be it from passing out a pamphlet or leaving them on shelves of stores, on social media or, in face to face discussions etc. So, that being said, let us LOOK UP in excitement and joy with one another and stop slamming each other and focus on Jesus and not these satanic stage grabbing events and divisions over things that are not salvation issues. LOOK UP because our redemption is near!!!







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