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Sep 20, 2018 | But That's Just Me, End Times, Feast days, Pre Tribulation Rapture, Rapture, Tabernacles


***BONUS ADDED 9/21/18*** Here are two videos to add for consideration on the heels of and a contrast to Scottie’s new one. These are just for thinking about as possibilities. Not as absolutes. These things as all things should be prayed about and used for helping in our watch. We should never say or set absolute dates we can only speculate in hope. Please also see the links below on previous blog postings I had made about Tabernacles and September 23rd. Keep looking up!!


First up: Jaco from God’s Roadmap: The RAPTURE: Could it happen on September 23rd – on the Eve of Sukkot?


Then check out Pearl’s latest: Astonishing Menorah Revelation The Sequence of Messianic Events!


Past Blog Posts on the topics discussed above:


How To Get To Heaven


***BONUS ADDED 9/21/18***




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