High watch time chat with Tyler and Bro Chooch From TOL (Tabernacles and Onward)

Oct 20, 2021 | But That's Just Me, End Times, Feast days, Fig Tree Parable, Jubilee, Pre Tribulation Rapture, Rapture, Tabernacles

Below are some more encouraging videos for our high watch times for the coming weeks and months. The first is Tyler from Generation2434 chatting with Bro Chooch from TOL. Tyler has the video set to where you can not share it in the blog so you have to click on the image and it will take you to the video at his channel. Dr. Barry Awe’s video will play here if you don’t want to go to YouTube. Check out my links under the videos as well for more information on Tabernacle watches and thoughts as well. Be encouraged, enjoy the below and KEEP WATCH!! Soon and very soon we are going to see our Lord Jesus!! Woo hoo!!


“There’s a lot of scriptural reasons to see this time that we are living in as VERY exciting! I believe we are living in a high watch time for the Rapture of the Church!”

High watch time chat with @TOL End Times


The RAPTURE of all Born Again by the Spirit will happen at “The LAST DAY” … did you know 10/28…






How To Get To Heaven

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