“Papers Please”…Beast System Rising

Nov 18, 2020 | But That's Just Me, Cryptocurrency, End Times, Mark of The Beast, NWO, Pre Tribulation Rapture, Rapture, The Rona, Tribulation

Please review the videos below to get a whiff of the short term world coming for all those who have rejected Jesus as their savior. I say short term of course because, we know that the final days before Jesus takes back what is his will only be 7 short years for these fallen beings who have used mankind by making false promises to them in order to gain their help in pushing the world government for a false utopian society. It will be far from utopia.

It’s hard to know the full truth these days. You get hit from every direction and just want to do the best thing. Here is the truth and the ONLY real truth that can help ALL of us: JESUS has come to save us not only individually of our sins that separated us from him but, also collectively. For all of us who have accept him and follow him, he will remove us out of the deception. Yes, there is a virus, just like there were buildings that went down in 9/11, just as there have been people killed and harmed in staged shooting events and riots ignited by occulted groups who pant after a one world system with Antichrist as ruler. BUT, all these events are being and have been used as the stepping stones of the pyramid to further the agenda.

If we read Bible prophecy we know that it is coming. We know that it will be allowed to go forward for 7 years. We know these things because God in his love for us FORE-warned us so that we can escape the full onslaught of it. He FORE-warned us so that we can be prepared. He FORE-warned us so that we can be saved by his ONLY BEGOTTEN son Jesus. He FORE-warned us so that even in the muck and mire of uncertainty this world and “new world order or global reset” dishes out to us we can have peace and a knowing of a more certain future. Thank the Lord Jesus for hope and for a perfect peaceful future with him for all eternity. Thank the Lord Jesus that he will come back after those 7 years and fix all that was ruined and torn down by his enemies both spiritual and physical! Thank the Lord Jesus for the new heavens and the new Earth he will create after all is said and done. But most of all thank the Lord Jesus for dying for us and covering our sins so that we can be SAVED by him and be with him forever with no worries at all ever again!! First things first though and that is what we are having to watch come about before us while we wait on our removal….

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If all that ^^ above tells us anything at all, it is that we are SUPER close to the Tribulation to fully begin but, even CLOSER to the Rapture! On the side note, as I have stated before, it never hurts to be prepared for just in case we are here a bit longer before rapture. It never hurts to have some extra food and supplies on hand to carry you through another lock down etc. Be alert, aware and prepared but have no fear!









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