Pre-Tribulation Rapture…It Doesn’t Get Clearer Than This

Jan 4, 2017 | Rapture

Excellent 28 minutes of clear understanding of the timing of the rapture. It is as clear as crystal. This is a subject that needs to be understood and put to the forefront of your minds in light of the events going on right now. The Tribulation is coming and the rapture will precede that. Israel has been in the news as of late with the UN decision made on December 23rd. This is key in watching for the return of Jesus and the start of the 7 year tribulation. ISRAEL IS KEY! I will be putting together a blog about that UN decision and why all of us who are watchmen on the wall for the Lord’s return are paying close attention now and for this coming year of 2017! Meanwhile, watch this excellent video of Gary Stearman interviewing Billy Crone on the timing of the rapture and the arguments made against Pre-trib:

Here is part one but part two is the most meaty of them both!



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