Well, It’s a Blog Post About The Soon Beginning Tribulation and The Rapture of The Church Again Today

Dec 8, 2022 | But That's Just Me, End Times, Pre Tribulation Rapture, Prophecy, Rapture, Salvation, Tribulation

If it doesn’t happen overnight then people decide it’s not true or going to happen. That’s not how warnings work. Warnings are just that. Warnings BEFORE the event happens. If it takes days or years then, it is just that many more who may be saved out of it. Those who don’t make excuses and pretend that it’s not going to happen that is. As far as watching goes….



Broken record? Is it going to happen overnight? No, not necessarily but, it IS going to happen. When? We just can’t know the exact day but, it is building daily and it IS soon. You can not deny, if you are paying attention, the events of the day. The one world Beast system has been building over the decades and now they don’t even hide it any longer. The question is what side are you going to be on when the rapture happens and the Tribulation finally begins? You decide. You chose and your choice making is fleeting. Time IS of the essence!


How To Get To Heaven


All that said, I’m with Bro Chooch about the watch. Keep on watching daily. We know it is any day now. Perhaps today, perhaps 2023, 2024 or 2025 even (I think sooner rather than later but that’s just me). But does it HAVE to be on a specific day that someone theorized? No. Jesus can come for us right now. Again, what we do know is that it is SOON. We see all the signs Jesus told us to watch for RIGHT NOW and they have been building and building for some time. As I have said before, I will view some days as a higher watch than others (Spring is a favorite of mine) but, it can truly be any day or minute. I will be watching as Bro Chooch talks about below…


Tribulation Puzzle Pieces – Night Watch with Bro Chooch






Key comment made in interview below:

“And it’s not clear yet to people who are not paying attention.”

Episode 428 of the A Minute to Midnite Show. Tony is joined by Alex Newman. This episode contains a wealth of very important information on what is currently happening, what the plans of the global elite are for the future, and what they mean for us all.

Very Important Interview with Alex Newman on the Global Control Agenda Ahead


Relevant links:


Another decent alternative news source:



It’s building…..Video is only 1min long.


* If you want to watch the FULL 30 min video go HERE


Annnnnd, you really should read this all the way to the end of the article!

Climate Change Restrictions And Lockdowns? They Are Already Starting


So, I’ll leave you with this IMPORTANT message…

Turn to Jesus Before the Rapture… (30 mins)


*** Watchman River (Tom’s) YouTube Channel {Well worth the daily short videos!} ***


And I’ll leave you with this….



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