Black Swan Song

Although this won’t be published until the first week of January or so, today’s date is Saturday, December 31st, 2022. The last day in what turned out to be a prophetically supercharged year. In paraphrasing my friend Lee Brainard, we have moved out of the times of simply living through prophetic doctrine, to the times of living through prophetic reality. As I shared with him and some others, I have this weird feeling going on in my brain at the present. This feeling isn’t so much prophetic, as it is a mixture between nostalgia, dread, and excitement as we cross over into the new year.

Nostalgia because the only world and life I’ve ever known, is coming to its predetermined end. There is a bit of sadness associated with this nostalgia, because, even though this world is fallen and the days have grown evil, there are still memorable and happy events that have happened here. Much of my childhood. My marriage. The birth of my children. High points in my career and ministry. I know these memories won’t hold a candle to what is coming next, but it would be disingenuous and even somewhat condescending towards God (IMHO) to say that none of those things matter. I suppose it’s just disheartening to see the only world I’ve ever known, come apart at the seams.

There is a certain degree of dread because the world the godless elite are attempting to create, with all their competing nefarious agendas wreaking havoc in our present day. As if marching to the Luciferian drumbeat of Satan himself, they are determined to play gods and act without abandon in ruining every aspect of God’s creation. This satanically inspired hubris is storing up the judgment of the most severe kind that God will not delay much longer. Thus, my sense of dread isn’t for me, but for them, and for those who follow along blindly into a future day that is equal parts dark and foreboding. It’s getting to the point where each new day I half expect to see a sign in the sky that says, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”!

There is also, oddly enough, a …. {Please go to the source site of Pete Garcia to read the rest of this and follow him. You won’t regret it!}


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2023 is going to Be a Great-Horrible Year! If you belong to Jesus that is. {Only a 7 min long clip…See source video for the full link of the interview.}

Why 2023 Will Be a Great-Horrible Year!

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