Just like yesterday’s articles that I shared, this video speaks on its own. We are in the last days. The rapture is SOON to occur. The FORE-told (prophesied in God’s word in the Bible) one world government and religious system is about to be set up. The Antichrist is soon to appear on the scene. And, most importantly, the time to call on Jesus to save you is and should be TODAY! The time to call on Jesus to save you is NOW!!!! You are not promised tomorrow to begin with but, seeing all these things coming to fruition in front of your very eyes right now should have you falling on your knees and asking Jesus to save you today! For those whoa re saved, LOOK UP! Our redemption is NEAR!


Pastors’ Point of View (PPOV) 238. Prophecy Update. Andy Woods. 01-06-23. “Top 10 prophecy trends.”



How To Get To Heaven

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