I just wanted to share some key video discussions and some past blog post links in relation to the red Heifer situation. Key things are happening right now that should be paid attention to. Just more indicators of the last days and the prepping for the third temple that Bible prophecy tells us the Antichrist will walk into and claim to be God in.

First, take a good look at that super cool chart above that my friend and brother in Christ, Joe Speno did above! I think he did a great job of putting the key points together in an image.

The sands of the hour glass are steadily emptying out. The time is super close at hand for these things to be fulfilled. Keep watching because Jesus is coming for his people (the church/Bride) via rapture and then at the end of the 70th week physically again to take back what is his. LOOK UP!!!

Let’s begin…..

The Red Heifer Bible Mystery Explained | Mondo Gonzales {About 30 mins long}



A Possible Red Heifer Passover In Preparation For Third Temple {9 mins long}


Why are the red heifers in Israel prophetically significant? What do these heifers have to do with Israel and their desire for a third temple? We’ll be going over these things from a biblical perspective in this live stream. {To watch on YouTube click HERE or the image right below}

The Red Heifer & Israel’s Temple



Red Rust On The Moon, Red Heifers In Israel, And A Red Horse That Is Preparing To Ride

What does the color red mean to you? Today, I was thinking about several recent news stories that are related to Bible prophecy, and I realized that they all had something to do with the color red. So I asked Google what the color red symbolizes, and I was sent to a Wikipedia article that explains that red “is the color of blood” and that it “has historically been associated with sacrifice, danger, and courage”. In addition, the color red is often used to convey some sort of a warning. Just imagine what it would be like if all stop signs were colored yellow. That wouldn’t work nearly as well. The reason why stop signs are red is because the color red gets your attention.

Recently, one of my friends shared a story with me that really got my attention…. FOR FULL ARTICLE CLICK LINK ABOVE OR HERE




How To Get To Heaven

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