The Revelations of Dr. Richard Day

Jul 11, 2016 | "Conspiracy", End Times, NWO

The 4 part tape series below is well worth the time to listen to if you want to wake up to what is going on. Afterwards, if you have not already, watch the Fuel Project’s “Know Your Enemy” and the light will then switch on. In this taped series keep in mind that the man is recording part 1&2 of these tapes in 1988 and part 3&4 are from 1991. You will see how far they have come in “the plan”. On a side note, I can see why this plan gets as far as it does (Bible prophecy tells us it will) and to the point that Jesus has to come again to this earth to put a stop to the madness. I can see this simply based on how hard it is to get people to understand and see this. They don’t even look into the matter for themselves. They ignore it and call those who do see it kooks or conspiracy theorists and happily sink back into the Babylonian system. If one does not believe things up front then so be it but, respect only goes out to those who at least look into it as far as it can go and then make their decisions. No matter what decision you come to on this matter the most important one and a time sensitive one to make is to accept Jesus as your savior. I’d also advise that taking time to make that choice is not on your side but that’s just me…Or is it? Now on to the post.

“The audio quality (especially on tapes 3 and 4) is low quality.” There are also Mp3 downloads available at the site. “Each of the tapes is in the region of one hour long, and a link is provided under each video which will open its YouTube page in a new tab or window.” I will add the YouTube videos below but please go to the site for further information. There are sections that are broken down for you as well. The HIGHLIGHTED link is below along with a copy of the page about the meeting to give you a background into what it is all about. I think you will be floored to hear that what was talked about 48yrs ago and recorded about 28yrs later has developed and stages of it coming to fruition this very day! Here is the link to my blog page that holds the history of these “elitist” groups and where they come from and who feeds them their information. The Know Your Enemy” series covers most of it and there are links at this page that will help you understand things a bit further as well… Conspiracy Theories?   Here is another post that ties to this plan as well: Coming chaos by those who would have the New World Order…Time to make your choice.


The Revelations of Dr Richard Day

Information he gave us in 1969 has come true – and so it will in the future to come

About the Meeting

There was a meeting of pediatricians and students which took place on the 20th March 1969 at the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society, which was located on Ridge Avenue in Pittsburgh.

One of the speakers was Dr Richard Day, an eminent professor and physician, and Medical Director of the organization ‘Planned Parenthood’.

‘Planned Parenthood’ was established in 1921 (then under the name of the ‘American Birth Control League’) in the United States by Margaret Sanger, a proponent of birth control, and a member of the American Eugenics Society, which lobbied for women’s rights to have access to birth control methods and education. The organization grew, and established clinics all over the USA (and has expanded into the world market), and is now the USA’s leading sexual and reproductive healthcare provider – and is the leading provider of abortion services. ‘Planned Parenthood’ has been the subject of intense criticism since its establishment, from anti-abortion organizations and campaigners, to those who have criticized that way the organization is funded, both by the government, the Rockefeller Foundation (a family known to be part of the globalist elite, and has funded ‘Planned Parenthood’ since its inception in 1921), and private donors.

At the meeting on the 20th March 1969, Dr Day asked the attendees not to take notes or record what he was about to tell them. Something which Dr Dunegan said he found unusual for a professor to ask of his audience. The reason Dr Day implied was that there would be negative repercussions – possibly personal danger – against him if it became widely known that he had talked about the information he was about to relay to the group. Dr Day told the group that what he was about to say would make it easier for them to adapt if they knew what to expect beforehand, something of an ambiguous statement which became clearer as Dr Day spoke.

Dr Dunegan got the impression that Dr Day was talking as an ‘insider’, rather than as a person who was presenting a theory or speaking in terms of retrospect. Dr Day’s knowledge was concrete as he talked about the future and the strategies of people and organizations that had a defined plan for the world, and were in a position to make sure that plan was executed.

In introducing that there were those who had a plan for the world, Dr Day also informed his audience that there was a timescale, and that much of what they wanted would be achieved through plans that were already set in motion. Dr Dunegan recalls Dr Day saying “We plan to enter the twenty-first century with a running start. Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now…”, and that he felt relatively free to talk about this to those he considered friends. Dr Day referred to the plans of those in power as being ‘much bigger than communism’.

When talking about the people who had the power to devise and implement such plans, Dr Day stated that they were not primarily in public office, but were people of prominence who would be known to the public through their occupations or private positions. This ties-in with what we know about the globalist elite today, primarily consisting of families involved in operating large-scale financial institutions (the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and others), European royalty (Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Elizabeth II, and others), and other extremely wealthy individuals that make up the 300 or so members.

Two other statements Dr Day made during his introduction were “People will have to get used to the idea of change, so used to change, that they’ll be expecting change. Nothing will be permanent,” and “People are too trusting. People don’t ask the right questions.”

If we look at how society has developed over the past forty years or so, attitudes have changed significantly, especially among the generations who were born from the 1970s onwards and have grown up in an atmosphere of change. The development of science and technology has happened at a faster rate than any other time in human history. People are able to travel to any part of the world, and many choose to spend time abroad, or work in different parts of their own country – something which to older generations would have seemed exotic or unattainable, preferring certain things to remain as they were as reference points in their lives and part of the solid foundation on which their society was maintained.





is the New World Order a theory




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