A Flat Earth? Why? And The Mandela Effect

Jul 15, 2016 | But That's Just Me, End Times, Mandela Effect




Is the Earth Flat?

A debate that has resurfaced in a big way in recent years regards whether or not the earth is flat. While proponents of a flat earth come from a variety of religious backgrounds, many have used the Bible in an attempt to defend their view, suggesting that a literal interpretation of Scripture necessarily causes one to believe in a flat earth. However, the flat earth view is not necessary with a literal hermeneutic, nor does it withstand scientific scrutiny. Here are the reasons: …. For the rest click the link right below

Don’t Hit Your Dome on the Dome!


Flat Earth? Paul’s Writings Forged? QA 1st June 2016 Matsen Missler


Gonz at Face Like The Sun covered this and has something of very cool interest to say about Flat Earth {Note: I do in fact believe that the Mandela Effect holds merit and that it ties to CERN. I think it is possible that Satan is in fact trying to stop Jesus from dying on the cross but that there is a solid lock on that and when the time comes God will end this ridiculousness once and for all. I think each step they take to get there is effecting some things in our reality but it can only go so far because the Lord is on ultimate control of all things. It’s just my theory on it and may not be exactly what is at play but it is something to think about.} Now on to Gonz’s take:




Intro to this video:
“There is a new NBC show coming out in the fall 2016 called #TIMELESS about all the wiles of time travel. In the show, the main time traveling vehicle is a giant eye-ball. Aside from the obvious “all seeing eye” reference, what this speaks to might be the psychological operation trying to control those in the #truth community. For conspiracy theorists, they are seen as crazy when they dive into topics like flat earth and Mandela effect. For the #Christians in the truth community, it keeps them distracted and away from the Great Commission of spreading the Gospel. The show also touches on race tensions as a means for mass population control.”


TIMELESS PSYOP (NBC Fall 2016) – Flat Earth – Mandela Effect – Race Wars – Gospel Truth



Proof Of The Mandela Effect In Action, Berenstein / Berenstain Bears



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