The thing about warnings are that over the years they have been taking off for a bit and then die down and people carry on and forget (except the watchmen unless they take a short rest). But, while some carry on and forget there are those who get the alert and turn to Jesus for salvation. During a warning period, if just one out of many gets saved then, that is all that matters!

These warnings are no longer few and far between. They are daily now and, even if there is a die down period, you can rest assured they will emerge again. They will emerge because they don’t ever really go away. They are the signs to alert of what is coming per God’s word for the end times. The wars and rumors of wars and the Earth changes and birth pangs all just keep building even when they have what seems like a lull. That is because the restrainer is still restraining the evil. If you think this world is evil today just wait until the restrainer is taken out of the way! It will be, as God’s word of warning says, a time this Earth has NEVER seen before. I believe, as do others, that the restrainer is the Holy Spirit that is indwelling all believers in Jesus.

When the rapture happens that in-dwelled Holy Spirit will leave as well. The Holy Spirit will still be at work on the Earth much like he did during the old testament times before Pentecost when all believers received the indwelling. BUT, once the rapture happens, the evil will have its full run and be receiving God’s judgment for it at the same time. You don’t want to be here for that. That is what the warnings are for. That is why the Lord has his people alerting others when the signs happen. It’s for the ones who will finally come to him in a warning period and be saved.

The only salvation is in Jesus. You have ZERO hope if you are not saved and have not accepted Jesus for salvation. ZERO.

Here is the other thing about warnings, they eventually run out and the event or events slap you right in the face if you did not heed them. TODAY is the day to heed them. TODAY is the day of salvation because time is almost up!



When these things BEGIN… LOOK UP!





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