Just a short post to say, if you haven’t seen this video yet then, please watch it! And remember, TODAY is the BEST day for your salvation!! You are fast running out of tomorrows to receive Jesus’ FREE gift of salvation before the Tribulation begins!!!

Tom Hughes and Jan Markell discuss the lateness of the hour on Tom’s YouTube channel—Hope for Our Times. What is “rapture fatigue”? What are the top issues to watch while we wait that indicate time is growing perilously late? What makes our generation very unique? {Video is ONLY 42 mins long}

Time Is Short! | LIVE with Tom Hughes & Jan Markell…At Jan Markell’s YouTube site


If you want to go to Tom Hughes’ YouTube site just click this underlined link.


ADDED BONUS video: Out of Time…FULL of HOPE {41 mins long}



How To Get To Heaven

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