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Jun 25, 2015 | Antichrist, End Times, NWO



But while we were distracted by devised and designed race wars to continue to divide and conquer the united (PS: Besides the Confederate flag, In the future The United States Flag will be next and most likely replaced with a Global flag but, I digress):




This happened…



The article referenced in above video: The Senate Passes Fast Track—But We Can Still Prevent the TPP Train Wreck


What’s the big deal you say? Doug Hagmann and Paul McGuire explained it well in the articles below. However, it was fast tracked through on the 23rd of June 2015


The Rising of the Beast: TPP is the planned Communist utopian dream

By Douglas Hagmann
Written June 9, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its agent of tyrannical empowerment, the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) exists today as the most overt and sinister example of the Communist utopian dream of a one world government. The “conspiracy theory” detailing the establishment of a “New World Order” where national sovereignty, the destruction of the middle class and ultimate enslavement of all people except the global elite remains a conspiracy, but is no longer a theory to be ridiculed. Its final stages are being put into place for all to see, or at least those who have eliminated the corporate media from their daily diet of disinformation, deception and distortion.

Due in large part to a media captured and controlled by global corporate interests, and the unabashed secrecy that surrounds this “trade” agreement, most people are in the dark about the intent and consequences of the TPP and the TPA. Moreover, there is deliberate obfuscation of the terms being used and the insincere attempts to legitimize the need for the TPA, which was once known as “Fast Track Negotiating Authority.”

Although the TPP is being constructed in secret and disclosure of its contents is a criminal offense, it would seem reasonable to argue that no one knows exactly what it contains. That is only partially true. There have been several leaks and allegations by those privy to the voluminous document that it extends well beyond trade and is more of an international treaty that will adversely impact our national sovereignty and individual rights.

The Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) is being promoted as a measure that will compel the President into compliance and transparency with Congress and ultimately, the American people. At least that’s the reason given by presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, for example, a proponent of the TPA, as cited by his campaign and echoed by his supporters. But is this assertion accurate, or is it being used to justify the transference of power and facilitate a global government?

Clarifying the Terminology: TPP and TPA

The Trade Promotion Authority (TPA): The Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) was created by the Nixon administration (along with globalist Henry Kissinger) as a temporary yet extremely controversial transfer of authority from the Congress to the President, giving the President the power and authority to negotiate international agreements. Fast Track Negotiating Authority, as it was formerly known, prohibits Congress from amending (or filibustering) any trade deal created by the President. It was first written into the Trade Act of 1974, Section 151–154 (19 U.S.C. 2191–2194) and passed by Congress. Set to expire in 1980, it was extended for another eight years under the Trade Agreements Act of 1979.

In 1988, the Fast Track Negotiating Authority was renewed again, this time serving as the mechanism that ushered in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and ultimately the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Note that this was the general time period of the George H.W. Bush administration.

Perhaps most importantly and arguably most significant push of the TPA was by George W. Bush, who continued his father’s “New World Order” legacy by making Fast Track part of his campaign platform in 2000. Early during his first term, Bush spoke at the Council of the Americas (May 2001), a group founded by globalist David Rockefeller in 1965. It is relevant, if not critical to note that Henry Kissinger (via Kissinger McLarty Associates) is a member of the Council of the Americas, a group that was instrumental in getting the TPA passed again through Congress. The Fast Track Authority passed the House by a mere three votes at 3:30 a.m. on July 27, 2002, the Senate on August 1, 2002, as part of the Trade Act of 2002.

Established for five years, it expired in 2007, except for negotiations that were continuing under the act while it was in effect. It officially ended in 2011, at which time Obama began pushing for its renewal despite his vocal opposition to the authority as a candidate.

It is important to note that Fast Track Negotiating Authority is considered to be such an extreme ceding of power from the legislative branch to the executive branch of government that it has only been used 16 times during its history and during the history of the United States. It has also been renamed from Fast Track to the current Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) for the sake of political propriety.

The Fast Track Authority or the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) allows the President unprecedented power to actually write legislation that cannot be amended, circumventing normal congressional committee processes. Historically, it has permitted the executive branch to write bills that had little to do with trade, such as matters pertaining to immigration visas, food labeling, and even energy policy.

The Fast Track Authority, now commonly referred to as the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), is considered antithetical to the United States Constitution by many Constitutional scholars as it gives too much power to the President, and allows for negotiations to extend far beyond its initial intended scope under the cover of complete secrecy. Currently, the TPA passed the U.S. Senate and is headed for a vote in the House of Representatives where it appears to have enough support to pass.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: The TPP began in 2005 as the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPSEP or P4). At present, twelve countries are involved in the proposed trade deal, including: The United States, Mexico, Canada, Brunei, Singapore, New Zealand, Vietnam, Chile, Australia, Peru, Japan, and Malaysia. The United States did not enter the negotiations until 2008 under George W. Bush. Obama quickly became a proponent of both the TPP and the TPA as he began his tenure in the Oval Office.

The TPP is being negotiated under heavy secrecy, with criminal penalties for anyone who leaks information about the agreement to the public. Nonetheless, there have been several leaks that indicate the TPP involves far more than normal trade agreements, and will be the framework for a “New World Order” that begins with a “New Financial Order” anchored by the TPP. It is important to understand that the TPP will involve nearly two-thirds of the world’s economy as it currently stands.

TPP: A Trojan Horse: As previously noted, there have been several leaked documents (including through wikileaks in 2013) about the TPP. Based on extensive research from numerous open source data sources, it appears that the TPP presently consists of 29 chapters, although that number is subject to revision. Yet only three-(3) chapters, based on some admissions and assertions, actually deal with international trade.

An assessment of what we know suggests that some components of the TPP includes various unpopular iterations of initiatives such as SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, the SPP, NAU, internet regulation, and even Obamacare are included within the framework of the TPP. This secret agreement also calls for restrictions to be placed on “intellectual property defined as trademarks, patents, copyrights and geopolitical indicators.” It also details U.S. corporate control regarding the three most important things to mankind: health, land use, and the environment. It can be considered “Agenda 21 on a near global scale” merging with NAFTA. It reportedly calls for the “nationalization and equitable distribution of all natural resources.”

Worse, it reportedly contains measures that would allow for both small arms control and unfettered immigration into the United States, while voluntarily subjugating Articles of the United States Constitution to world arbitrating bodies. It would deliver a massive blow to our nation as an independent country and usher in the stated objectives of the globalists, from the members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, members of the Bilderberg Group, and even the architects of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

In sum and substance, the TPP appears to be one of the most important end-game mechanisms necessary to usher in a state of global governance.

To achieve the Communist utopian dream of a one world authoritative body, national sovereignty must first be destroyed. Looking at the TPP with a wide-angle lens, it is now much easier to not merely see, but contextualize the building blocks that have been previously erected that brought America to this point of acquiescence to a global authority. It puts previous initiatives such as NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, etc. in proper perspective and identifies them for what they are.

Using that same wide-angle lens, we begin to gain some clarity about domestic matters of importance and controversy. For example, we wonder why America’s southern border remains wide open and illegal aliens flood into the United States without molestation by federal law enforcement. Some ascribe it to incompetence while others merely politicize the matter, making it all about increasing the number of “democratic voters.” When viewed in the context of the TPP or a global government, it makes much more sense as the culture of America must be demographically altered, not preserved.

We look at the orchestrated killing of the U.S. Dollar, an issue about which I’ve previously written. When viewed by itself, it makes little sense why the leaders of our country would want to kill off our national currency. In the context of the establishment of a one world government, however, it fits well into the larger agenda of a one world monetary system, a necessary component of the “New World Order.”

The TPP is indeed a Trojan Horse, and its implementation is the culmination of decades and even centuries of planning in secret, by the power elite who, regardless of their political affiliation, are pushing the Communist utopian dream against the will of the American people.

We are looking at the modern day version of Plato’s Republic, or as author Paul McGuire has well documented through his writings, the synthesis of the beliefs of Plato, Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler, filtered and refined through the work of Fabian Socialists and those of like minds.

For the fate of our nation, the sake of our children and future generations, the TPP must be stopped and those behind it exposed for what and who they are. Some will say it’s too late. Regardless, is it not our duty to try? For the agenda is much greater, the battle is much bigger, and the stakes are much higher than what is obvious.

When the day of our judgment arrives, will we hear “well done my good and faithful servant?” Or will we stand before God, and be asked why we did nothing when we still had the chance?

It’s time to act, not just for this battle, this war against our freedoms and the future of our country, but for the sake of future generations. It is up to you whether your children, their children and all future generations will remember you with admiration as having the will, the courage, and the integrity to stand up for truth and the preservation of the rights bestowed upon us by Almighty God, or hold you in contempt for failing to act when you still had the chance.

Who will fight the Beast?




by Paul McGuire
Written June 22,2015

After six decades the Republican Party is ready to grant fast track “trade promotion authority” that will allow for the emergence of the Transpacific Partnership and a transatlantic global governance agreement. Although these secret treaties are called “free trade” agreements, they are actually a Trojan Horse designed to do an end run around the Constitution and bring in global governance.

The individual and sovereign nations of Europe were destroyed by a series of “harmless” trade treaties that created the European Union. When the citizens of the European nations finally woke up it was too late because they had legally handed over their freedoms. The exact same stealth strategy of secret trade treaties is being used by American politicians on the left and the “right” to force America to come under the rule of global governance, which was formerly called global government. The reason that the trade treaties are secret is because there are powerful people who do not want you to know that they are designed to destroy our prosperity, our freedom, and our sovereignty.

The other reason that the contents of the trade treaties are secret is because they reveal the plan to transfer manufacturing, jobs, and the wealth of the middle class to global entities and Third World nations. They give our politicians secret powers to give away our Constitutional rights such as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, the right to privacy, and the right to bear arms. That means that trade treaties are a Trojan Horse that will allow the illegal ruler-ship of the United States by multinational corporations, international banking cartels, and foreign governments who are not bound by the Constitutional protections that we take for granted.

The reason that the majority of the Republican Party and Democratic Party are still aggressively pushing these trade treaties, despite the protests of the American people, is because… MORE at highlighted link


So now what?

The ancient goal of the one world system that Antichrist will rule is marching full force ahead. It will continue because God told us it will through his early warnings hundreds of years beforehand and stored for us in his written word, the Bible. What is the first major preparation for the coming Tribulation of these end times? REPENT and GET SAVED! Please take the time to scan this site, read my blog on the New World Order and and do your own research. Also, watch the Fuel Project’s Know Your Enemy videos because they, with the basis of the Bible, are extremely helpful to understanding what is going on and why. You will be made to make a choice…The world under Satan/Antichrist that will end up in an eternity in hell or a peaceful and loving eternity with a God who truly loves you, Jesus, I’d choose Jesus but that’s just me…Or is it?


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