What is The New Age & Age of Aquarius? The Truth?!

Feb 19, 2015 | Antichrist, But That's Just Me, End Times Spiritualism/Religion, Fallen Angel, New Age, One World Religion, The Occult

We’ll start here with an awesome site and article. This website is full of information: AMOS 37  Click below image for the article about New Age.

** AQUARIUS: The Age Of Evil **


Next up is another excellent post by Christian (Laura Maxwell) who has come out of the occult…I saw this documentary a few years back as well and had forgotten about it until seeing Laura’s post yesterday. It is a good one to see. She also lists below it an excellent playlist that is well worth the viewing as well. Also, I added another interesting link to consider in my “Conspiracy Theories?” page to check out if you find the time…Here is Laura Maxwell’s blog post at Your Spiritual Quest…She also has started a radio interview show that you can check out as well…Please take the time to view her blog at this link: Our Spiritual Quest


What is The New Age & Age of Aquarius? The Truth?!

I first saw this video in 2011, yet 4 years later, it remains one of the best videos about the New Age and Age of Aquarius that I have ever watched !!! It’s by Keith Thompson, AKA Keith Truther!


If you are interested in the New Age, you are obviously a very open-minded person, and a seeker of truth. As such, please consider watching the above video, as it contains many truths you may not have heard before. It could change your life!


The New Age and Its Relationship To The Antichrist – Nowhere To Run with Chris White


Chris White David Icke Debunked:



If interested, you can also see a TV interview I did with Doug Harris & Michael Cummins on Revelation TV.

In it, we discussed some of the issues also covered in the above video. (See link).

Many thanks, Laura Maxwell.


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