AGE OF DECEIT 3: Remnants in the Cyber_Hive Earth…

Mar 8, 2019 | Block Chain, But That's Just Me, Cryptocurrency, End Times, Fallen Angel, Fringe, God and Angels, NWO


Gonz Shimura from Face Like The Sun has finished and released his third part of his series Age Of Deceit. This is another must see!! He has some very interesting thoughts to take into consideration. He released this for free just as he did the others. When people do this, it only proves to me they are more concerned with getting information out to the brethren over making money. Also, when people do this it only makes me want to support them when I can. Please visit Gonz’s and Basil’s sites and support them if you are able to and if not I am sure they appreciate your prayers just the same. Make sure to check out some other videos and pod casts they have done over the years here at both of the YouTube channels: Face Like The Sun and Canary Cry Radio. You can also find any of their other links to social media sites and websites there. Below the video is a link to my Fringe page so you can see parts one and two. Now on with the show…..




Find parts one and two here:

* The Fringe


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