This brother in Christ is worth subscribing to. He shares news stories to help keep up with the times we are in and bonus studies he has done in the word as well. Best thing about it is that they are never too long. Each video is from 2-5 mins long so it is easy to catch when you are strapped for time. Today he posted two really cool messages and so that is why I chose today to share his channel so that you may follow his site as well. Here are the too videos below and under them I will share his channel link as well. Enjoy! Keep looking up because it truly is ANY day now!! Maranatha!!


God loves the Jews and the Gentiles {4 mins long}


Another Rapture glimpse {2 mins long}


HIS CHANNEL:  J.C.O.M.E.S. Its all about Jesus!


How To Get To Heaven

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