You should listen to at least some of this video if not all….Most all of the topics shared in their discussion has been shared at my blog since 2015. Just type in whatever you are curious about in the search bar and the articles with links will pop up. Quantum, CERN, Anthony Patch, Tesla, Yuval Noah Harari, Osirus, Nimrod, Gotthard Tunnel, Quantum dot tattoo, Bill Gates, etc, etc…

End times events are quickly converging and it’s now becoming apparent that the tribulation period spoken of in the Bible is not far off. The scriptures reveal that once again our enemy, that old serpent the devil, will be speaking the same lie to humanity that he did long ago in the garden. Brother Pete Garcia joins me to talk about these end times events and how they might play out.


The Dragon & The Lie – Pete Garcia and Generation2434


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BONUS VIDEO (only 30 mins long):


Is it the End or is it Not? Is Jesus Coming Back Soon to Rapture the Church?


TODAY is the BEST day for your salvation! You are FAST running out of tomorrow’s to call on Jesus to save you before the Tribulation begins!!


How To Get To Heaven

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