At first I was thinking oh I know about this but I’ll listen as a refresher since I bought the book. Then, Todd​ took it to the next level in his studies about it all! Well worth the time if you dig into these matters. Notice this is a Part 1 so be on the look out for Part 2 at HIS CHANNEL!

The intro to the video:
You may not have heard of Tammuz before. But his impact on prophecy may be bigger than anyone could imagine!!

Upon finishing the book The Return of the Gods by Messianic Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, I found myself seeing the world around me through a newly recalibrated lens. What I was seeing only further established the premise of the book – that the ancient gods that led Israel into idolatry and dominated the world, people and their cultures until Christianity drove them away have indeed returned. And they are influencing more in our world than most would believe.

I also found myself so deep in research of others nuggets that book led me to that I felt at times like I was drowning and struggling to keep it all manageable and coherent. I feel there are MANY things to share with this research and how it relates to Bible prophecy! The connections have been dropping my jaw at every turn.

The book spends most of its content focusing on the goddess Ishtar. However, Ishtar is not alone in ancient times. With her is another. Her lover. Their stories intertwine with one another and even find themselves in the pages of Holy Scripture.

Seriously…this could be big!

{Scroll below to Relevant links from my blog as well. You can also just search around for more tid bits on my site in relation to these rituals etc. Even the use of CERN plays a part in all of these things.}


The Return of the gods! Part 1: Who is Tammuz? This ancient mystery will blow your mind!




Bonus…And speaking of Janus!


Also a must see:


As Todd said in his video above:

“If you have not placed your faith in Jesus, do that today man. If all of these things are dropping into place as they seem to be, how close must we be? It seems close to me. We see all of these things manifesting in ways that are just undeniable and in ways that leads you to question what’s next? I’ve heard from so many people that it just feels like we’re waiting for the next shoe to drop. Could the next shoe to drop be the return of Tammuz after we’re taken out of here? If he indeed is the Antichrist or the Beast that comes up from the abyss that happens after we’re gone but, if we’re seeing the introduction of his lover who Mourns his passing and Longs for him to return, how long can we have? I’ll leave that for y’all to decide I don’t set dates but ponder that…”



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