The Big Picture Finally In Full Focus! All Pieces/Signs Connect To Reveal God’s Story And Timing…AMAZING!!

Mar 1, 2018 | Blood Moons, But That's Just Me, End Times, Fibonacci, Golden Ratio & Phi, Israel, Jerusalem, Rapture, Revelation 12 Sign, Signs in the Sun Moon and Stars

Darren Jack has updated his video work by combining his early videos and adding new information. It is a two hour video. Yes, it is long and it does require full attention but so worth it. I took my time and paused it in some places. You can slow it down if you like and you can come back to finish it in a few breaks if needed. You won’t regret it. The day counts alone are just astounding. It is well worth considering for being on watch. Jesus could rapture the church out at anytime now so any date is SPECULATIVE but, this we know, we are on HIGH watch right now and most especially after the recent signs we have seen! Keep watching!!

I do want to add this note: My 2 cents is that I think Noah entering into the ark would represent the Jews who are carried through the Tribulation time and not representative of the church in the rapture. I think Enoch is representative of the church as he was raptured out before judgement fell. However, I think it would bode well to be on watch on the March 20th date to see if anything prophetic concerning Israel happens as well as anything that lends to Jesus returning to rapture believers. I would not ignore a SPECULATIVE watch for sure!



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