Today I am sharing a short write up my brother in Christ wrote today. He makes some very valid points. While I do not think these jabs are the Mark of The Beast just yet, they are the precursor for it and the conditioning for it.



Black Goo and The Beast communication system used in people?
Written by Bill Allen

Satan knows his time is short. He is making a last ditch effort to steal souls and enslave mankind to be subservient to him as he attempts to be God. He is manipulating willing minions to do his bidding to create a new world order. This is taking shape right before our eyes via the manufactured crisis we have been in for nearly two years.

How will Satan steal our souls? I would say his model is loosely based on a Star Trek idea (The Borg). He will utilize a very powerful central computer, that may become known as the Beast. This computer will be very powerful and may even attain the ability to reason and have a conscious. This computer will attain data from hoards of various sources which will strengthen its power. If you’ve ever heard of the “Internet of things”, all machines, appliances, computers, etc, will have the ability to communicate with one another. This ability, by the way , has been greatly enhanced by the recent development of 5G technology. Furthermore, this Beast communication system will also be used in people. Human subjects will be injected with various substances that will allow them to communicate via the internet, which will also allow them to be tracked. Via these tools, Satan will attempt to install artificial intelligence into the willing subjects of mankind. In the process of transforming humankind into non human entities, he will steal our souls. This last phase will only be possible with a voluntary human subject. This will be the biblical Mark of the Beast. One can either give themselves over to Satan by taking his mark, or refuse it and face certain death/beheading. The former choice involves an eternity in hell separate from God.

The attached images are about the new world religion. It is a false religion that attempts to appease the “Gods” in order to save mankind and the planet from a self induced destruction. Once again, Satan is the puppeteer that is leading wayward folks to buy into this lie. Of course the recent plans to inoculate the entirety of mankind with various poisons meant to transform us into subhuman beings is a part of this new religion. Sadly, there have been many willing participants.

As you look at the images of the poster child of the new religion, you can see that there has been a dark underworld that has been guiding mankind to build this future new world order that will be subservient to its king that will be none other than Satan himself. A world apart from the true God of the universe. A world where science is idolized over the word of God. These images of Greta Thunberg were part of an article in the Guardian, a UK based media outlet that is very liberal and pays homage to this new religion. These images of eye coverings and the images of Greta looking like a Borg lend credence to the belief in the secret society of the Illuminati, of which is just a part of the Globalist/Elites plan to Reset the world structure. A plan that ultimately leads to destruction.
Don’t become a part of the “Collective”.

Choose Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior today. Tomorrow is not promised!








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