Is “The Yanuka” Rav Shlomo Yehudah Beeri The Jews Awaited Messiah? Short Answer, No But…

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This video below is going around. It most certainly is interesting in light of the Kaduri and Persimmon prophecies and because of the Israeli Rabbi who Says He’s Already Holding Meetings With Messiah but, this can not be fully confirmed that they announced him as such. If they did, he would not be the TRUE messiah. And if he were THE Antichrist then, they would not announce this out worldly until AFTER the rapture but, they may announce it within their ranks and wait later for worldly announcement. Also, he would be one of two messiahs they are waiting on. More about that below. Also, it was said that he is part Jewish and Muslim in heritage but, I can’t find anything to back that up just yet. In any event, this is something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks just to see what if anything comes about. {UPDATED added link to “Other Relevant Links” section. Scroll down}


URGENT – ISRAEL´S MESSIAH??? – Jiziahu Ben David SHOWED UP ON MARCH 27TH! Is this it??? Or a HOAX???


Some things of interest to bare in mind. First, they are expecting 2 messiahs (Jesus fulfills this but they ignore God’s full word and turn to traditions of men and man made ideas and thoughts via Talmud and Kabbalah etc.) They are expecting a religious messiah and a warrior messiah who would run the government.

Also, this is Jewish mysticism and the very people who study, believe and, follow it, fall under the same category as the pharisees. Those who Jesus addressed as being deceivers and of their father the devil. Calling this man Yanuka (an Aramaic word meaning “child prodigy,” often used to describe very young and very bright Talmudic scholars) is interesting in that Jewish mysticism views it this way as written about in this paper mentioned right below.

Here are a few snips out of the paper I found addressing the Yanuka and Jewish mysticism and it shows how much they mix up Christianity. It would certainly cause confusion if they did end up naming this current Yanuka Shlomo messiah for those who are left behind! Read this…


God and His Son: Christian Affinities in the Shaping of the Sava and Yanuka Figures in the Zohar; By: J. M. Benarroch (Published 2017)

SNIPS FROM PAGES 52, 55 and 56:
As mentioned above, the zoharic Yanuka figure is tightly entwined with the concept of the son of God, personified in the character of a young child (and youth).55
The discursive and symbolic fields in which the Yanuka operates make it likely that this child is meant to evoke, in a variety of ways, the figure of Jesus.56
Allusions to Jesus in the Yanukaand Sava stories appear mainly in the Yanuka’s mythopoeic homilies, in which Yanuka refers to himself as the divine son. I propose that the verses that appear in these mythopoeic homilies are connected to tradi- tions found in medieval anti-Christian polemical works.The Yanuka’s mythopoeic homilies, and their importance in his por- trayal as the son of God, were discussed at length above; my focus here will be on those verses that allude to medieval polemical traditions…(page 52)


Both the Yanuka’s homily and its parallel in the Gospel emphasize the identification of the Yanuka/Jesus with the divine son in Ps 2.7—the firstborn of God—and both even claim that this son should be worshiped. Additionally, Ex 4.22, which is used by the Yanuka in order to identify himself with God’s firstborn and as a personification of Israel, also receives Christological interpretation.64
However, this verse is also usedin the anti-Christian polemic. A clear example is found in the Arabic polemic work Qissat Mujadalat al-Usquf (ninth–tenth century), which was translated to Hebrew as Sefer Nestor ha-Komer in circa the eleventh century. (page 55)


The identification of the Yanuka with Israel as God’s firstborn might also echo this kind of polemic against the doctrine of Jesus as the Son of God.However, at the same time, the Zohar also seems to describe the Yanukaas a Jewish form of the same.Moreover, in Sefer Joseph ha-Mekane, Ps 2.7 appears alongside Ps 2.12 with reference to the Christological interpretations of these verses, which identify Jesus as the son of God: And the heretics add: “You are my son, today I have begotten you”(Ps 2.7). To whom does he say that he had begotten him? But rather to the Nazarene [Jesus] 66. . . And they say: “Kiss the son” (ibid.,12)—Kiss the son, meaning clinging on to the Son [Jesus] . . . and here Hieronymus [Jerome] was wrong in his reading that “bar” (Ps2.12) means “son,” 67 as its meaning is “cleanness and pureness” … 68 and also “grain” 69.
This polemic source clearly rejects the interpretation of bar as son in Ps2.12, as it strengthens the possible Christian reading of this verse. 71 None- the less, the Zohar favors the Christian reading but applies the verse to the Yanuka rather than to Jesus. (page 56)


There is more at the article link. But, you can see how confusing this would be and how deceived the followers of Zohar and Kabbalah are. You can see how they will be able to deceive people in Tribulation, and even some now before rapture, who come from a Christian background but never truly accepted salvation and get left behind. These writings make it sound as if Christians got the idea of Jesus from not understanding Torah, Talmud, Zohar and the Kabbalah. Christians, in their view point, are considered as heretics and idol worshipers. In fact, per Noahide Laws, worshiping Jesus as God would be punishable by death. You can see how it could be in play during the Tribulation when Christians will be beheaded for their faith. Please see the other relevant links below for my past Noahide law posts and others for reference. I can only touch on all of this here but, as stated above, if they do actually call this man messiah, then you can obviously see the tie to antichrist characteristics.


I also find it interesting that this guy is a musician. Satan has been connected to musical instruments in his creation for the worshiping of God. Probably nothing at all of course but, to me, it is interesting.


Ezekiel 28:13-19
You were in Eden, the garden of God;
Every precious stone was your covering:
The sardius, topaz, and diamond,
Beryl, onyx, and jasper,
Sapphire, turquoise, and emerald with gold.
The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes
Was prepared for you on the day you were created.

“You were the anointed cherub who covers;
I established you;
You were on the holy mountain of God;
You walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones.

You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created,
Till iniquity was found in you.

“By the abundance of your trading
You became filled with violence within,
And you sinned;
Therefore I cast you as a profane thing
Out of the mountain of God;
And I destroyed you, O covering cherub,
From the midst of the fiery stones.

“Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty;
You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor;
I cast you to the ground,
I laid you before kings,
That they might gaze at you.

“You defiled your sanctuaries
By the multitude of your iniquities,
By the iniquity of your trading;
Therefore I brought fire from your midst;
It devoured you,
And I turned you to ashes upon the earth
In the sight of all who saw you.

All who knew you among the peoples are astonished at you;
You have become a horror, And shall be no more forever.” ’ ”


So, it’s possible that this man could be tossed out as the first of the two messiahs. He would be the priestly half (a or the false prophet, Pope aside). The other will be the military fighting messiah over the government and who I think could be from the tribe of Dan. Denying that Jesus is both, they create their own and Satan uses it to his advantage.


I also found this link about him under one of the videos I saw when someone asked to find out more about the Yanuka Shlomo. It lends to them seeing this man as something very special.


Just listen to what they say about him and how they talk about him! I listened to this 6min video of this man at his daughters wedding talking about Yanuka Shlomo and it sounds like they are talking about Jesus they way they speak of him. Also, watching how they act around him in other videos it mimics how it was with Jesus. Crowds of people wanting to touch him and speak with him. Seems like a copy cat just like satan would use! Here is the wedding video which is also called a “miracle” that he caused. They say he does miracles in his teachings etc… Listen to how he speaks about him. He said “he is a holy man who came to bring peace to the world” about 3mins 47scs into the video.


The Yanuka Told Me Today! Rav Shlomo Busso – grandson of Baba Sali -story of his daughter’s miracle


At his youtube site some in the comment section said they never heard of him being called messiah but that does not cement it. He is viewed very highly and to me, his age also fits the bill as a rip off and copying of Jesus that satan would do. He is 32/33. Again, very interesting.



HaGoan HaYanuka HaRav Shlomo Yehuda Shlit”a – At the Kotel (The Western Wall) on Chol Hamoad Pesach


Here is what they said at this Zohar site but, anyone who goes to the link, use caution with things of Zohar and Kabbalah!

** The Yenuka

“Rav Shlomo Yehuda Be’eri הרב שלמה יהודה בארי שליט”א. He is a Holy Tzadik. He is called ‘The Yenuka’ because he is young (about 32) and shows amazing knowledge of all aspects of the Torah. He knows by heart the Torah, Talmud and commentaries, Zohar and commentaries, Ari and commentaries, and many other writings of Tzadikim. During his lectures, he gives exact references by page number and paragraph. He has great humility, and many well-known rabbis in Israel come to his lectures. There are many stories accumulate about the miracles he makes with his blessings. I am happy to write about him because I see his existence in this world as a gift and a miracle from Hashem. It is great merit to have such a great soul in our generation. It’s a good sign that a greater light may be revealed soon in the world.

It is interesting to know that the initials of his name שבי. It is similar to the names of great Tzadikim like Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Yitzchak ben Shlomo Luria (The Holy Ari), and Rabbi Shalom ben Yitzchak (The Rashash).”




For any Jews who may have stumbled across this blog post and have questions. Please, I ask you to visit this site for more information: ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry  and here is  ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry YouTube site


I want to finish this on asking for prayer for all the Jews. Please pray that more and more will awake from deception and have their hearts and minds open to seeing the truth. The truth that Jesus IS the long awaited messiah and that they would accept him now before Jacob’s Trouble begins. So many are coming to Jesus right now but keep praying. Those prayers may help with the ones left behind! Also pray for the 144,000 Jews who will be sharing the Gospel of Jesus during the Tribulation. Pray for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem. The TRUE peace that ONLY Jesus can and WILL bring! The appointed time is so very close at hand! LOOK UP for our redemption is near and for those who are not saved yet….





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