It’s baaaaack….Scientists prepare CERN collider restart in hunt for “dark matter”

Apr 23, 2022 | But That's Just Me, CERN, End Times, Fallen Angel, God and Angels, Mandela Effect, Quantum, The Occult, Tribulation, UFOlogy

Super short post to update those who may not be aware that CERN is about to crank up again. The timing of this is so interesting as we know the rapture is so close and perhaps this year even. We shall see. I want to share my search link of all my CERN blog posts for you to refresh yourself on. Could this be the key to the abyss? Check out all my posts and scroll and jump around on the shared videos for your refresher. Important posts to review are those with Anthony Patch and the Geordie Rose interviews and quotes. Just wow that they chose this year to start her up again! Tick tock people…Tick tock!

Scientists prepare CERN collider restart in hunt for “dark matter”

SNIPS for the above new article:

Scientists Have Proposed a New Particle That Is a Portal to a 5th Dimension
The path to dark matter and other fundamental enigmas may be through a warped extra dimension, according to a new study that proposes a new theory of the universe.

Just long enough to get that pit open??? Interesting if this is the time frame of the beginning of the 7 year Tribulation.

“We are going to increase the number of collisions drastically and therefore the probability of new discoveries also,” said Steerenberg, who added that the collider was due to operate until another shutdown from 2025-2027.




ALICE IN WONDERLAND ON THE COVER OF THE 2015 ECONOMIST…ALICE IS ALSO USED AT CERN…THE VIGILANT CITIZEN: The Economist 2015 Cover is Filled With Cryptic Symbols and Dire Predictions

Magazine cover for 2015 where it shows Alice at the bottom looking up and the arrows at her feet that read 11.3 and 11.5. I always wondered if it had anything to do with CERN and if they were dates. (The Alice detector of the Large Hadron Collider) Of course that is just speculation on my part however, the one sure thing is that CERN needs to be taken seriously and you need to make sure you are on the right side. The side of Jesus. If you are not saved then TODAY is THE BEST day for salvation before it may end up being too late!!!









Scientist and the Elite Try to Hide What Really Happened at CERN, Demonic Entities, Extra Dimensions


***  In Him All Things Hold Together  ***



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